Windows 8 Expected to Raise the Bar on Apple

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The new Windows 8 download is already available as a developer version. Actually, the operating system was relaunched as the re-creation of Windows. The operating system has taken many lessons from the way Apple does business, and the way it works as a system. For once, we see that Windows 8 might actually take personal computing one step higher than Apple.

There are some key similarities, and yet there are a huge number of reasons, including less computer repairs, why many are expected to be happy with their computer after an installation of Windows 8. Here is a look at the key similarities and improvements on the Apple way of doing things.

Simplicity of use

Apple was the first to introduce the iPhone. More important than the phone itself, the way we used our iPhone transformed the way we use personal computers. The simplistic see and touch interface became the template for all devices. For those who still struggle with personal computers, the new Windows will be a breath of fresh air. It uses the simple interface we are used to with tablets and phones. You can choose the traditional style if you wish.

Many devices

The new Windows system is based on a tablet type of system – just as we have mentioned above. The improvement is that this operating system will work on all of your devices. This will mean the operating system for your Windows phone will be the same operating system for your personal computer or laptop. This will make using those devices together a lot easier, and will mean we only need learn a single system – that will finally be a relief.

More cloud

Apple is introducing iCloud and it is a service. The Windows operating system integrates full browser capabilities into the system. This means there will be many online applications that will work directly on your computer. They will work faster. We already all use cloud computing with our email and even Facebook. There is no reason to be afraid of it. Instead of saving on a single device your files are stored on a server and you can access your files on any device, at any time. No more emailing files or copying files to your phone!

App Store

While many developers have been making applications for Windows for a long time, some of them have caused us more trouble than they are worth, especially when they were free and they contained viruses. Microsoft has learnt from Apple and is also introducing an application store. If something is good, why not copy it.

Ease of use

The new operating system is much easier to use. There are fewer steps to do things, and with fewer choices, we can actually get a lot more done. Most importantly, the operating system comes with a reset button. This means the days of a crashing system are gone. We just hit the reset button and our system goes back to the original configuration and we will not lose our files. This will means less calls for help, and better use of your computer support costs.

With years of being plagued by viruses and complications, the new operating system certainly looks like a breath of fresh air for the majority of personal computer users. It looks like it is everything Apple and more.

13 thoughts on “Windows 8 Expected to Raise the Bar on Apple

  1. It means Windows 8 is coming up with some great improvements and enhancements. I’m currently using Windows 7 and loving it all the way and now already fall in love with Windows 8 😉 hope it come out soon.

  2. I trust that apple and windows are addressing two different markets, so i don;t think hat W8 will affect too much Apple’s sales. I think that Microsoft and Apple are two big players, that they are their own competitors, and let not forget that Vista has damaged a little Microsoft’s brand, and not Apple.

  3. Windows has become the Highest using OS in the world.. Window 8 is going to do some extra work.. 🙂

  4. That’s really great that Windows is improving its quality and is offering its users much more benefits.

  5. Hope newer version will be more better and also simpler.

  6. I, for one, am very excited for Windows 8. A developer friend of mine already has the software but I haven’t gotten a good look at it yet. Keep us posted on any new updates!

  7. I’m eager to see how Windows 8 works with tablets as I’m a huge tablet PC fan but found Windows 7 to lack in terms of usability when it comes to touch support.

    All the things we know about Windows 8 point towards a great leap forward, but as always we’ll have to be cautious and wait for the final version before we judge it.

  8. If you are Linux Lover then there is good news for you.. There is Zorin OS in the market which is 4 times faster then Windows.. and I am using it on my machine.. its really very amazing OS.. have a try on it also..

  9. Yes, Win 8 is really very good, but i don’t think win8 will beyond the apple.

  10. Can’t wait to see how Windows 8 is different from the others, I’ve heard that the security in task manager is much higher, which is a good thing. As for raising the bar on Apple, I don’t know, maybe not.

  11. Really looking forward to Windows 8. The word on the street is that it’s going to be amazing.

  12. I doubt it will make much of a difference. I’ve seen the Metro interface and it’s going to be great for touch, but for regular laptops and PCs, not that much. In fact I think I like the current Win 7 interface more now, at least for the time beeing

  13. Cloud computing is totally going to change the IT sector.And Windows using this technology in its latest operating System make this operating more popular then any other operating system As the cloud computing remove the headache of installing the applications and the softwares in the system..At last taking ideas from the environment is not a bad thing that what Windows did..

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