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Today, mobile phone is more than just an interacting portable device. It has become a gadget which has the ability to carry out many tasks for which you once depended on your computer or a laptop. With continuous technological advancement, mobile application is going through a revolutionary transformation. Surfing internet, checking mails, watching movies, carrying out official task and even taking out printouts are some of the features that cell phones possessed nowadays.

What more do you want! Well, the application developers are not ready to stop as your demands goes on and they went on adding latest apps that make the Smartphone more attractive.

Technology such as cloud computing has further catalyzed the expansion of mobile application. There will soon be a time when you do not have to carry your laptops because all your official data and files will be stored in the cloud and can be easily accessed through your mobile phones. The best thing about this technology is that you do not have to physically carry your work, no matter what part of the world you travel. The dropbox for instance is the best example of a file hosting service. The cloud storage facility has allowed to access any of your official needs right from your Smartphone.

The iPhone’s iOS operating system might have gained huge recognition in the market, but a detail study can reveal that Google Android operating system is actually dominating the space. Mobile app developer is more involved in integrating latest applications in the mobile technology. There is a recent issue among the developers to make a choice between native apps or web applications or a combination of both. Both of these applications have given the cell phones a new dimension. It is actually the business objectives, target audience, technical requirements and usage that ultimately decide the operating system.

HTML5 is the latest coding language that offers excellent user experience within the mobile browser.  The developers can now create more dynamic and appealing web content. The pages can be easily handled for its light nature and the smaller screen size is an advantage for easy functioning of the apps. Furthermore, the inclusion of Web Forms 2.0 specification into HTML5 has improved the mobile applications. It further enables the mobile phones to support Geo Location API. Moreover, API bridges the gap that lies in between native apps and Web applications, thereby helping in location based applications. It is considered as one of the most impactful features of HTML5.

Gartner, Inc. has pointed out that 2012 will be the important year for development of mobile applications. The cutting edge technology catered to the mobile environment will further make the telecommunication platform more aggressive. The latest trendy and innovative technology will attract a number of companies to shift their marketing budget towards the mobile channel. The mobile application developers are ready to keep up with the changing momentum, making their products unique. The aim to enhance the user experience by offering a number of facilities through one device has made the telecommunication sphere extremely vibrant. Today, the notions of survival are none other than establishing a brand image and retaining user loyalty.

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