Best Apps to Help You With Taxes

The hustle and bustle of the holiday season is over. For children, this means another long year until next holiday season. For adults, another season is about to take center stage. Tax season is never as fun as the holidays, but with the right tools, you might find yourself the recipient of a lot more […]

Top Apps to Have While Travelling in Europe

There’s no two ways about it: Europe is a continent that everyone should explore at least once in a lifetime. There’s no other landmass like it on Earth: The rich history, culture and customs are all just waiting to be explored by tourists of every cut and color. There has never been a better time […]

Top Apps to Have While Driving

We are told not to make phone calls or text while we are driving and for good reason. However, that doesn’t mean you need to completely stop using your phone while you drive. A wide variety of great apps are available to make navigating easier. Text No More Turn on Text No More as soon […]

Appraising PowerSkin’s New Battery Case for Galaxy S III

When smart phones hit the market people got really excited and a new term called ‘apps’ entered into the market right along with it. People could download any apps they wish. These apps became the source of entertainment, companions and mandatory accessories to many people around the world. Samsung is the stiff competition to Apple. […]

Entering The Smartphone World

All of your friends, co-workers, and family members have smartphones, but is this new technology for you? If you are looking to make your life easier, to handle your business while on-the-go, and to keep connected, then you should consider moving into the world of the smartphone. By simply following these steps, you’ll likely find […]

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