Google And Target Speed

After a little vacation I’m back … And it starts strong with one of the most important criteria in terms of SEO for Google From 2010: the speed of your website. And yes, From 2010, the higher your site will be fast, you better be referenced. In an Internet world where everything goes faster and […]

How to Check the Success of Any Blog.

You must have¬† followed all the basic steps to register your site, and after a while, you want to see the results.¬† You do not need sophisticated tools to do basic analysis, because we can use simple queries to Google. Check the site’s pages indexed on Google The command site: displays the pages of […]

Link Wheel – SEO Strategy

I’m not talking about the “famous wheel game, or play on the bubble that is supposed to make you rich, the wheel (link wheel) to which I refer is one of the sites, and the benefits are better in indexing engines search. There are many ways to go in search engines (SEO), many of whom […]

Reduce Your Site Bounce Rate

As a blogger, one of the most frustrating things that we must face is the rate of rejection (Bounce Rate) is too high. According to the “help of Google Analytics”, the rejection rate is the percentage of unique visits to our blog by leaving the same page where they enter, that is, how many more […]

SEO Extension For Google Chrome

Google Chrome already has more than 4,000 extensions in repository to browser Chrome and extension for RSS for example, is one of the most popular! Chrome SEO Extension, developed by Sean Bannister, allows you to easily access the basic tools for optimization and verification of direct SEO web browser and generates several interesting results SEO […]

Backlinks: How to Get More Links To Your Site

How to get backlinks or links pointing to your site, is an important issue to help get good rankings in search engines. The process is called Link Building, and is one of the key processes to implement the optimization of your website or blog in order to get more visits . However, when it comes […]

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