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Google And Target Speed

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After a little vacation I’m back …

And it starts strong with one of the most important criteria in terms of SEO for Google From 2010: the speed of your website.
And yes, From 2010, the higher your site will be fast, you better be referenced.

In an Internet world where everything goes faster and faster, we all want to fully optimize our sites to be found in the first place!
But we must not forget one thing: visitors to your site are primarily for our content.

Thus, the aesthetics of a site is obviously a key factor in the seduction of the Internet … But if your site returns a negative image because of loading time, is this criterion which will remain etched in your memory visitors rather than the sublime Flash animation.

So from 2010 let’s be fast and optimized
Yes but how?  What actions to implement to make a website fast?

Thing to do, using tools developed for the analysis of sites:

  1. Use webmaster tools offered by Google.
  2. Pingdoms Tools
  3. YSlow , the Firefox extension Firebug integrated which offers suggestions to improve the performance of your site
  4. Yahoo Exceptional Performance

So you know where you are. In fact, if your site loads in 6 seconds or 1 second, the importance of actions to implement will not be the same!

4 thoughts on “Google And Target Speed

  1. i will follow this for sure 🙂

  2. thanks for sharing this info….my site load up speed seems to be slower…i guess now i can monitor it…Cool Post..:)

  3. Yes, great post… any recommendations how to make your website faster ?

  4. yes i think Google would be monitoring the speed of a website. To rank higher in search results we need much of technicalities to fulfill.

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