SEO Problems And Tools To Solve

Every day, seo specialists are called upon to solve problems of optimization of¬† websites. To help them in spots, some tools exist and can be based analysis and make relevant decisions about the actions that must be put in place to improve the positioning of sites and expect an increase in traffic from engines research. […]

BingAgain : Bing Plus Facebook

BingAgain is a search engine based on Bing very recently¬† ranking search results according to their popularity on Facebook. The results of BingAgain are from organic search algorithm Bing and recommendation of the members of Facebook, Making it a kind of social search engine. The results are those of Bing but they highlight the number […]

Major Changes In Google In 2010

The year 2010 is nearly over. For technology companies, it’s time to reflect on and evaluate their investments if the expected result was obtained. Google has the status and innovative organization that is constantly reconstruct their products. In 2009 it was discussed a lot about the direction that the services offered by the multinational would […]

5 Tips To Optimize Your Site In Google Instant Preview

Many new things Happened to Google, Which Seems To Be Innovating Lately much more than a few years ago. A recent “surprises” after Instant Google Has to do with the pre-visualization of the site from the list of results (SERP), Called “Google Instant Preview”. Basically the feature Allows the user to preview the site Before […]

18 Interesting Facts About Google

Google is company, which needs no introduction, nor in any accompanying description. But tracking the career of such giants gradually recruited a chain of facts and interesting observations regarding the company’s monster. This article lists 18 of the most interesting and worth mentioning facts of life and organization Google. 1. After obtaining a patent for […]

Products By Google

The main tool of google is google search engine and this is not news to anyone. The Google search engine practically monopolizes all searches conducted on the Internet. And it did not happen by chance. In 1996 when it launched the Google search, it brought a completely new concept in searches, ranking the relevance of […]

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