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I’m not talking about the “famous wheel game, or play on the bubble that is supposed to make you rich, the wheel (link wheel) to which I refer is one of the sites, and the benefits are better in indexing engines search.


There are many ways to go in search engines (SEO), many of whom have spoken here, and that should be used in order to be part of an overall strategy. One technique that produces better results is called the link wheel.

But what is a link wheel?

The wheel link is an SEO strategy that is to get links from sites called Web 2.0 for a “central site”, ie that we want to go in search engines. Since the “central site” is usually a niche site where you can make money with Adsense , selling a product, or to capture email addresses.

In addition to the “central site, which for all practical purposes is the center of the wheel, then we have after a series of Web 2.0 sites that link to this site. Some examples of Web 2.0 sites are the Squidoo , HubPages ,  Blogger blogs, WordPress.com, Weebly , Webnode , and Beep.com, just to name a few. The important thing is that links to these Web 2.0 sites are mostly “follow”, and are relevant content in relation to the central site where they are linking.

How SEO strategy, creating content and sites linking to a central site is not anything new, and is something that has already recommended many times. What distinguishes the link wheel is that Web 2.0 sites also link back to each other, to form the so-called “wheel”. Thus, a link wheel each of the Web 2.0 sites linked up to the central site and another site for Web 2.0. The central ideal behind this strategy is to link there is a better use of the flow of PageRank and consequently more SEO benefits.

In the picture below to see an example of linkwheel in its most basic form. You can see the Web 2.0 sites and their links to the central site and the links between the sites of “support.” The image as a wheel , hence the name link wheel.

In the example image the central site would have gotten 6 links from sites with high PageRank and related content.

The link wheel, but improved

The example I just gave you a link wheel is in its “original” and basic. However, in recent months things have evolved so that it can get even more benefits of the link wheels.

Thus, in addition to Web 2.0 sites, you can add other sites to the type of wheel. We can include sites in the wheel free articles , blogs and traditional. In all these cases, each “owned” contains two links, one for the site central, and another to support one of the sites. In this case there is a greater diversification of the links are obtained.

We can still get more benefits and dribble it all the Web 2.0 sites, as well as to social bookmarking the same.

So that the links look more natural, we can create an arbitrary network links more in alternative format to the “wheel” that gave rise to the name. What is important is that each site has to support two links, one of which is always for the “central site.”

Here you can see a picture of a link wheel rather more complex.

There are many Web 2.0 sites with high PageRank and links “dofollow” where we can create and publish content. In addition to Web 2.0 sites, there are hundreds of websites on WordPress MU format where anyone can create a blog. It is therefore possible to create many link wheels with many different support sites.

If you doubt the value and capacity of a link wheel services to improve the indexing of websites in search engines, just look at Internet companies that offer this type of service. They will see that prices are around $ 150 to $ 500 for each link wheel that create according to the number and quality of support sites.

Of course we can create your own link wheels without spending money!

To close, just two suggestions: It is always important to alternate the anchor text of links and also create links (new content) regularly (these tips apply to wheels and link any link building campaign).

Already knew about link wheels? Are you already using the technique of SEO?

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