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How to Check the Success of Any Blog.

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You must have  followed all the basic steps to register your site, and after a while, you want to see the results.  You do not need sophisticated tools to do basic analysis, because we can use simple queries to Google.

  • Check the site’s pages indexed on Google

The command site: www.esoftload.info displays the pages of your site indexed by Google. This number will vary if you add content frequently, and it also serves to check the duplicated content. These checks must be made prior to listing your site in google.

  • What is the position of my site?

It is the largest orders for a referrer, namely, the position of the site in its keywords. Tool Digital Point is one of the best tool to handle out the work. The advantage of Digital Point is that you can also displays your position on Yahoo and Bing to have a global view on website.

  • Check Backlinks

Another way to check the popularity of the site is to know how many backlinks to the site. This can be done with the command link: www.esoftload.info on Google, but it only displays a small part. Instead, it is recommended to use the control of Yahoo: linkdomain: www.esoftload.info.

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The Digital Point tool has been described above also shows the number of backlinks in addition to the position and PageRank. Take the time to study the PageRank, backlinks and position to know whether we succeeded or not. This should be done on the entire site and all keywords of the topic. If we succeeded on a few keywords, then the other pages require a new optimization.

16 thoughts on “How to Check the Success of Any Blog.

  1. I completeley disagree to everything that you shared in this article for one good reason.

    1) It depends on what the blogger consideres as SUCCESS.

    I would define it based on feedback that I receive from my readers. Some might measure success on other paameters. I think that you need to be a bit more specific here when you say How to Check the Success of Any Blog. I hope that you will agree with my statements.

    1. yes i agree with you eddie…. but in this post i tried to mentioned the methods to check your blog success in terms of SEO…

      1. Fair enough, you might want to tweet your post title to read ‘How to Check the SEO Success of Any Blog’.

  2. Well, the success of a blog depends on many things and what you have mentioned here is some of them. Anyways, Thanks for sharing.

  3. Until the awareness of crossed mile stones it is hard to achieve our goals, Hope these tools measure our mile stones..

    1. these steps can give you a rough idea of your blog success in search engine…..

      1. I agree. These steps are a good start to give you an idea as to how any blog is doing including your own. Good post and first time visitor to your site.

  4. Its a good technique that regularly check your site’s index status.

  5. Well its pretty fair enough when checking through hall SEO stats . But the success depends finally on how popular it is and howmuch the visitors love it 😀

  6. these are basic steps to just analyze success or strategy of any blog…this tool is quite useful also…Nice Share….:)

  7. When you are using blogger it is more easy to track the visitor by using draft page one. Now I’m using Google Analytic and it awesome because you have everything that you need like the referral or what keywords that use before the get to your site =)

  8. I think the money earned through a website could also be a way to judge the success of a website

  9. Backlinks are very imp in determining the quality of content a blog provides. The reader responses (comments) also help in determining the same.

  10. I will surely check my blog’s position.Thanks for sharing a wonderful article 🙂

  11. In my view Success of the Blogger depends upon whats the goal of the blogger. I think you should change the title to ” how to check the SEO success of any blog ” am i rite ?

  12. good tips. I’d also like to add to check the compete score and the alexa score. Also check the stuff from seomoz.

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