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Can use SEO Strategies for your own Blog without any help of the Expert?

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Most of the people have their own blogs and they try to make money from the blogs. If you’re planning to use your blog to make money online, then your blog need to rank on top of the search engine. There are hundreds of new blogs in the internet and they’re competing to get the attention of the search engine result.


Here are some of the important points you need to consider when you plan to use SEO strategies for your own blog:

Find relevant keywords:

Make sure you find relevant keywords when you’re planning to employ SEO strategy for your blog. You can look for Google Adword Keyword Tool to find keywords those are more popular among the users. Therefore, you can manage to find more relevant keyword and help you get desirable result in the search engine.

Right keyword density:

Before you publish the content, make sure you copy and paste the content of the article into an online analysis tool. This tool can help you find the common words and phrases in the article. However, the article may look like spam if words apart from articles and prepositions appear frequently. Make sure the main keywords fall naturally within the content in order to avoid making it look like spam.

Tag the images:

The content of the webpage is analyzed on the basis of the text. Remember, the search engines may not be able to index the image unless it is backed by description. Make sure you add the text alt=”text” before you close the image tag. In the text section, make sure you incorporate the description within the quote. If you tag most of the images in the blog, then you can help the images get indexed by image search engines.

Don’t use Flash and Embedded Movies:

Embedded movies as well as Adobe Flash can make your blog look attractive. But overuse of these elements may have a negative impact on your blog. Therefore, the embedded content may not help to boost the search engine ranking of the blog.

Publish unique and informative content:

When you’re creating a blog, make sure the content of the blog is beneficial for the visitors in your site. You can increase the traffic in your blog if it has informative and unique contents.

Therefore, you need to keep the above mentioned points in mind when you plan to use SEO strategies for your own blog without any help of the expert.

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