How Important Is Submitting a Sitemap to Google

It’s proven time and time again that the Big G owns half of the search engine pie so it make sense that when you’re building a new site to do everything you can to keep Google happy. But most site owners and webmasters pay little attention on the site’s architecture. They fail to build a simplified Sitemap that makes sense to Google and to human visitors. I’ve put together some information that will give you the basics of a sitemap and how search engines make use of it to understand your website’s service landscape and content and how it all fits together.

Google Will Now Index Orkut Communities

Yesterday, one of my friend while checking her Orkut Community was out of idea to found a lot more good about Google indexing the orkut community. She opened her community and came across a message: Hey owner! Your community description page is now indexed by Google, so people will see it in their search results […]

Meet The New Operating System From Google

After much speculation since its announcement in July of last year, The Chrome operating system arrives, finally, to the stable release. But before you rush to try to download it, a sad truth, the system will be released only on specific Google Notebook , because, for the system to perform better, they decided to release […]

YouTube Releases Upload Videos With Unlimited Time

Until then you could just upload clips of up to 15 minutes Running YouTube. But this will change for many users. At least if you behave well and follow the board rules. In July, YouTube changed the time limit for videos 10 to 15 minutes to all users, and now most users can post videos […]

Are you penalized by Google?

Often, when working in the SEO of websites, webmasters are going too far and end up being penalized by Google. However do not receive any message from Google saying that the site was penalized, much less what were the reasons for that. Each webmaster realize that it was penalized, find out the reasons and correct […]

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