How to Create Multiple Menu in WordPress?

If you are a WordPress developer you might have often come across situations where you need to create multiple menus for your WordPress site. Creating and managing multiple menus in WordPress is quite an easy task and can be done without fiddling with the codes. In this tutorial we shall take a look at the […]

The Dark Side of SEO Plugins for WordPress

WordPress plugins are very useful in accelerating your website processing speed. They are also effective in SEO and help in maintain better look and feel. Due to embedded plugins, your website will run faster. No doubt plugins in general and SEO plugins in particular are considered as an integral part of any WordPress website. However […]

Five Plugins To Improve Your Productivity On WordPress

If you’re anything like me, you love writing and creating content for your blog or website, but aren’t too fond of all the extra effort that goes into publishing it. Also like me, you probably find all that extraneous an open invitation to procrastination. I find that the best way to avoid putting off the […]

Four Powerful WordPress Tips For Web Design

WordPress being the most effective and user-friendly CMS is known for proffering a perfect platform to create notable websites. Site owners make use of this effective platform to add to the value of their site and improve its worth on web-based environment. WordPress is crammed with multitude of user-friendly features, which simplify the process of […]

Customizing Your WordPress Theme

A lot of websites are created on a daily basis. Some of these websites are created manually using codes and programs while other websites are created on pre-defined platforms like WordPress. The latter is a website that allows anyone to create his or her own website through the creation of a blog. The main goal […]

Customizing Your WordPress Header

After a while, readers of blogs become accustomed to certain themes. If they read one blog after another, eventually that reader is more than guaranteed to run across a website that has the same look and feel as another blog. Instead of paying for a premium theme or a custom theme, customizing your […]

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