Customizing Your WordPress Theme

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A lot of websites are created on a daily basis. Some of these websites are created manually using codes and programs while other websites are created on pre-defined platforms like WordPress. The latter is a website that allows anyone to create his or her own website through the creation of a blog. The main goal of WordPress is to create blogs and let people express their minds.

However, due to its functionality and positive reception from its users, WordPress has extended its services, and it also allows users to create a website and own a domain name within the company’s server.

As for most online businesses and new websites, they use WordPress to create blogs for their main websites. Having a blog for a website allows readers to gain access to background information and understand the business better. Blogs usually contain written content in relation to products or services rendered. It can also focus on the news and information regarding the specific business. In addition, these blogs can help increase revenue for some businesses. By demonstrating knowledge and expertise in what the business offers, a good blog can help to gain the trust and attention of potential customers.

Also, WordPress allows users to post pictures, write articles, upload videos and perform many other tasks. It allows users to create various pages and even lets them create their own menus. There are thousands of widgets the users can use such as social media widgets. In this case, these social media widgets allow the users to incorporate their Twitter and Facebook accounts on the page. Additionally, the users can track the number of visitors their page get in a day. If the users want to enhance the look of their pages, they are given the ability by changing the themes.

WordPress blogs are very easy to use, as the site is considered by most as user-friendly. One thing that makes WordPress stand out is its ability to install themes and customize them. There are hundreds of free and paid themes. Free themes do have some limitation in their usages. For instance, only the header of the free themes can be customized. On the other hand, paid themes allow more flexibility in terms of customization. For instance, experts have the option to change the CSS style sheets of a paid theme. If a user wants to perform basic changes to his or her theme, he or she can simply log into his or her account, go to the dashboard, look under “Appearance” and choose a new theme. Under the “Themes” option, a user has the ability to change the background color, banner and the color schemes. Furthermore, some themes even give their users the power to manipulate the footer, header, boxes, appearance of posts, font style and even font size.

If a user is planning to work on a large web project, it is important to purchase a domain first and register it on a web-hosting service. Once the user has registered on a web host, he or she has to install WordPress. Since WordPress has collaborated with most established web-hosting companies, the user can find WordPress in the CPanel of most web-hosting websites. After WordPress is installed, the system is going to provide the user with an account. The user is then free to change the look and feel of his or her website. Sometimes web developers create their own web pages and upload them to the FTP folder or database of the hosting service provider.

There are many ways to modify a WordPress blog or website. As mentioned before, one of the more common ways is to change the CSS style sheets. Regardless of one’s familiarity with the field of web development, the important thing is to really understand the basic functions of WordPress.

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