15+ WordPress Plugins To View Your Blog Stats

When we learn to create a blog , one of the most important factors to take is to achieve success is knowing the type of users who read it regularly, those who visit it, because these reasons users come to your blog, where they found your blog, and also where they go after coming to […]

Promote Old Blog Post – WordPress Plugin

Everyone knows that to make money with a website is very important to traffic, visitation. And there are many techniques used to achieve this goal, the most effective and write well about subjects of interest and relevant to its readership. However, sometimes the blogger ends up being a time without writing new articles, either because […]

Stop Plagiarism – WordPress Plugins

When I was at Blogger, I  had implemented some code to try to escape the plagiarists. I know that nothing can stop a creative plagiarist, but make it harder for them does not cost much of our work and can prevent most of our content is duplicated on the Web. One of the best things […]

10 SQL Statements for WordPress

As you have noticed we have migrated from blogger to wordpress as wordpress have more flexiblity and features than blogspot. so, we discussed to shift to wordpress. Now comming to topic, so, i am presenting some SQL commands essential for people using WordPress and want to get the most from your CMS, but remember above […]

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