Five Plugins To Improve Your Productivity On WordPress

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If you’re anything like me, you love writing and creating content for your blog or website, but aren’t too fond of all the extra effort that goes into publishing it. Also like me, you probably find all that extraneous an open invitation to procrastination. I find that the best way to avoid putting off the writing I should be doing is to streamline the content creation process as much as possible.


There are several plugins that I like to use with WordPress to make the process of getting the words onto the page and out into the world as painless as possible.

Editorial Calendar

Planning is a huge part of maintaining a productive workflow. Knowing what you have to do, when you have to do it, and being able to see it laid out day-by-day is a great incentive to keep your nose to the grindstone (or your fingers to the keyboard).

In addition to being a useful dispeller of procrastination, an Editorial Calendar is an essential blogging and content marketing tool. Efficient forward planning, especially for sites where multiple authors are involved, is essential to keeping the wheels turning smoothly.

Broken Link Checker

There’s hardly anything more irritating than finishing a post, carefully proofreading it, indulging in a moment of pleasure (or relief) at having finished, and hitting the publish button, only to be met by a barrage of comments complaining that one of your links is faulty. This plugin does exactly what its name would suggest.

Editorial Assistant by Zemanta

After the writing, comes the finding of images. The Editorial Assistant takes care of that for you, conducting an image search based on the content of your post. It will also suggest related posts that you can link out to.

In addition to a WordPress plugin, Zemanta also makes a plugin for all the most popular browsers that works with WordPress to add the same image and related article search as the WordPress plugin, as well as tag suggestion.

After The Deadline

Although your operating system and browser probably contain spelling and grammar checkers, every little helps. After The Deadline used to be available as a standalone plugin, but now it’s only available as part of the JetPack plugin collection (unless you want to use the old plugin, which is no longer under active development).


One of the best ways of maintaining focus is to remove clutter from the WordPress interface. Adminimize provides much more control over what’s available in the dashboard for both Admins and normal users, removing the constant temptation to stop writing so you can fiddle with the caching settings or other distractions.

We’d love to hear your WordPress productivity secrets, so feel free to share in the comments below.

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