Why Every Business Needs Dedicated WordPress Hosting

When deciding what sort of hosting your business website needs, consider the difference between a dedicated and a shared server. A dedicated server hosts your site and nothing more. No one else gets in. A shared server hosts a number of websites, not necessarily thematically related. Just like sharing an apartment means a smaller rent […]

A Comprehensive Note on Essential WordPress Plugins

WordPress has become a most reliable source to be used for posting content, which is why everyone wants to know more and more about its plugins. If you are also one of them then the details are as follows: WP-Optimize It enhances the database by running the improved SQL summon, uprooting post updates, spam, and […]

Facts and Features of WordPress over HTML

WordPress websites have replaced the HTML websites because of its exquisite features. It offers a versatile and dynamic platform which is very easy to operate and can be managed very easily by the user. Thus, with its unique features, it has become very popular and grabbing the marketplace of HTML. WordPress is the best platform […]

Cool WordPress Plug-ins You should Consider Using

When creating a WordPress site, people tend to get confused by the sheer number of WordPress plugins available in the system. Though you may want to add each one to your site, you need to understand that too many plugins can slow down the performance of the site. Here are some of the best plugins […]

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