What Does New WordPress 3.6 Changes Mean For Us?

Yes, a few blogs and websites spoke about it, although somewhat unceremoniously. The new features which came with WordPress 3.6 would not, or at least have not, set the world ablaze. Although there were changes but those didn’t bother any well established author of any blog to any extent. WordPress 3.6 wouldn’t be known for […]

5 WordPress Plugins to Manage Multiple Authors

A successful blog is always a mix of various contents, themes and elements and together make the difference. It would not be wrong to state that authors are an integral part of any blog and therefore play their vital role in determining the content. There are blog owners who prefer adding multiple authors for their […]

A Window into the World

The idea of travelling and seeing foreign places around the world holds a deep fascination for many. The way we perceive somewhere else can have a great effect on making a visit seem appealing or otherwise and thankfully today it is easier than ever to get an in-depth feel for places far away without even […]

Managing Your Company Blog

The capacity for blogging to increase the number of visitors to your website is the reason it has become the most powerful form of social media marketing in recent times. According to various research studies, the businesses that engage in blogging activities receive 55 percent more visitors than those that do not blog about their […]

How to Use Your Business Blog to Get More Clients

If your business has its own blog, you have in your grasp a means of attracting more customers without a major financial outlay. You can be sure that your competitors are doing it, so what are you waiting for? Here’s how you can use your blog to increase your customer base. Photo Credit: photopin Are […]

10 Extremely Recommended Joomla Extensions

Joomla based websites are widely used and extensively famous among the millions of users. The various extension for Joomla, fuels up the websites with efficient functionality and robust performance. Among various extensions, 10 best extension for Joomla CMS are are as under: SH404SEF SH404SEF extension turns the Joomla websites into the powerful SEO based websites […]

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