5 Secrets to Shaking off Writer’s Block & Drafting Riveting Content

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With due stress being laid on content marketing and optimization, there is hardly any place for the writer’s block. But what if the inevitable writer’s block hits you right in the face and you just can’t seem to shake it off? Well it’s a good thing you choose blogging over any other form or writing, for blogging gives you enough scope and opportunities to be different.


You may try out with this platform and often take certain risks with the creativity. Even readers have now started demanding a break from the usual chunks of articles and are focused towards the new age and more contemporary and modern form of writing. Thus, bring in a breath of fresh air to your blog, shake it up, and dust it off! Follow the following the tips to understand various alternatives to the typical content creation.

Infographics – if you have not tried your hand at Infographics yet, you are surely missing out on an amazing online marketing opportunity. Images appeal more to readers than the written piece of content, and Infographics are the best available platforms for doing the same. It allows a beautiful combination of text and images and enables you to interact with the users. Besides, with Infographics in place, you really don’t have to come up with anything extraordinary. You can just share the information which might already be known to the readers, but in a refreshingly new format. And the entire process of Infographics might just be the creative went that you need, in order to get over the writer’s block, and get back into the arena.

Informative and Interactive videos – Videos are fun and interactive and provide you a rather nice way to get in touch with your audiences. When it comes to videos, you may try the typical how-to videos, and also try your hand at augmented reality and kinetic typography videos.

Podcasts – just like Infographics, podcasts are the latest in thing. It allows the readers, rather the listeners of your blog to go through whatever you have to say, while they are easily on the go. Podcasts are easy and extremely friendly for the users to go through, as it allows them a different level of portability and freedom altogether. They need not be glued to a device or something, they can simple download the podcast, go for a jog or a hike and yet stay connected to whatever you have to offer.

Start a Q & A forum – if you have already established yourself as an expert in a particular field, and feels like a saturation brimming, it is time for starting a question and answer forum on your blog. Invite the queries of the readers or listeners, and you may either provide them with an individual answer, or based on their questions and queries, frame up a new content. This works in your favor at so many levels that it is difficult for us to even decipher. To begin with, it allows you to actually get the readers to trust you and acknowledge that you are a credible and reliable person, and sort of a connoisseur in your field; secondly, it obviously gives you enough ideas to work on for your next blog piece, and not just any other blog piece but one which you already know will be popular and is already being awaited by the readers – and isn’t that a dream coming true for any blogger?

Be a content curator instead – we all must have had our trysts with the entire act of content curation, yet never really stopped to realize the same. if you are feeling particularly lethargic where you might just want to sit and stare at your computer, perhaps passively browse through various other content and blogs posted online, it is an excellent time for you to try your hand at content curation instead. Content curation is nothing but serving the links to various previously published content, but in an organized and streamlined fashion. Thus, create a story, just frame a little bit of a build up and post the links to various other blogs instead. This way, your readers would still have enough to mull over, without you having to do much of a hard work.

We hope you would find these alternatives to typical blog article writing quite informative and refreshing. If you have anything else to add on to this discussion, or there is any feedback or opinion, we earnestly invite the same in the comments box below.

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