Facts and Features of WordPress over HTML

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WordPress websites have replaced the HTML websites because of its exquisite features. It offers a versatile and dynamic platform which is very easy to operate and can be managed very easily by the user. Thus, with its unique features, it has become very popular and grabbing the marketplace of HTML.


WordPress is the best platform which can make many tasks easier such as updating content, SEO optimization and there are many more. In aspect of marketing, wordpress is much better as it offer SEO friendly websites. So, it is better to change your website from HTML to WordPress which can help in attaining lots of visitors. It also gives the dynamic websites which are easy to manage. Thus, various business owners can have a user friendly and budget friendly websites which can bring the high productivity.

WordPress serve lots of amazing features as PHP is a dynamic scripting language. At the same time, HTML websites are completely static and time consuming too. Moreover, wordpress websites are versatile which make it completely unique and amazing. It also includes various features and functions which are totally scalable. Following are some outstanding features of WordPress CMS, which makes it unique:

Manageable CMS:


One can make the updates and changes from any part of the world. The only thing that is requires is the internet. It does not need any additional software and firewall settings like other platforms.

Cost Efficient:


The owner of the website need not to send any basic text to get the changes from the designer and even the designer need not to make extra efforts for the same. The users can make the changes by themselves which is therefore very budget friendly. One can also put their innovative ideas without contacting their designers and paying them for the desired modifications.



No matter, whatever is the number of pages that is added, the visitor will get confused while identifying the changes.

Ease of membership site rollout:


Since, there are numerous of plugins within the wordpress, thus its content can be evolved into a full membership website with various levels as per the requirement.

Social Media friendly:


The blog posts can be integrated with various social networking websites such as Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook without signing in to each account, which is very time consuming.

Introduce some multimedia features:


Audio, video and pictures can easily be added to the pages. Thus, these are the features which force the website owners to convert their website to WordPress. There are a plenty of automated software available now-a-days which allow the website to convert to WordPress. However, these options are not always ideal for your website.

Therefore, it is better to hire reliable and professional services. The experienced and dedicated professionals follow the current web and SEO standards. They always take care of the fact that they can serve user friendly and SEO oriented website. Thus, it is always recommended that always contact the professional services and attain a good number of visitors.

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  1. well i myself like WP and prefer to make the choice it. all i want to know one thing if i have free wp blog should i able to upload the theme or not? thanks for highlighting such factors about wp moreover i will wait for the further updates.

  2. Thanks for appreciating the efforts . Well let me explain you in simple words. Exactly you can’t upload wordpress theme if you are having free wp blog but you can customize your blog with free stuffs available in wordpress. You can change the background of your blog, change the colour etc. You can edit the coded parts as well.

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