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5 Absurd SEO Myths You Must Avoid

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The SEO industry is formed and shaped with many traditional stories and personal intuitions. Whatever it is said, none of that seems to come with evidence. It is always granted that we are not resistant to our own sayings, beliefs and sometimes it is happening that people always put their perceptions first.


However, there is always a difference between hidden facts and our perceptions. Here you can find out some of the popular and common SEO myths that rule the industry today. You should be aware of that to stay safe and free from the myths. Let’s get started.

Links as the main ranking feature

Most of the bloggers and website owners think that the links present in their website is what that decides the rank of their site. It is not absolutely true. May be at the first glance, it may look like the links take the full responsibility in driving more traffic to your website. However, the fact is not the links, but the SEO friendly keywords are the one that takes the full credit for driving more traffic to your site. A search engine can fetch your site only when it can find the relevant information on your site based on the query entered by the user. Therefore, if you have title that is more relevant and include keywords on your title, then you can remain assured that the search engine is going to pick up your site for the search results.

Bounce rate as high influence factor for ranking

This is one of the most common SEO myths. It is been doing the rounds in the SEO industry very often. It is completely false to say that bounce rate has high influence on deciding your site’s rank factor. Google is not at all using the bounce rate nor do they make use of the analytics data as a ranking factor. Google has said that they rely on the Google toolbar data to decide the ranking factor of your site. Google manages to know everything through your clicks on the chrome browser.

Domain age as a significant ranking factor

Many people still think that the age of their domain plays a main role in deciding the rank of their domain. It is again false. The older domains are available since long time and they have collection of links. They are more into user’s needs acting as a tough competitor to other new websites. However, just having an old website is useless and less beneficial when compared to other sites that update themselves continuously for new changes in technology. Therefore, it is important to update your website regularly, but in no way an old domain can have low ranking unless and until you remember to update the site continuously.

Unable to contest with powerful domain authority results

SEOs are more fascinating over domain authority very often and especially during competitive analysis. Actually, you cannot find any proof for something called domain authority. Different people have different definitions for it.It can be defined as simplifying the possibility of your internal links. No data have proved until now that domain authority exists. If you visit a competing page on a high domain authority site, then you just have to check whether the links present in the website are either external or internal. You should treat the host domain normally as if you do with other websites.

Increase rankings to increase traffic

Many people including the professionals believe that increased ranking can affect positively the traffic of your site. This is the very common and basic myth. It is necessary to increase ranking for your site by improving the factors that include internal links, relevance, valuable content etc. of your site. However, the ranking factor not alone decides the traffic of your site.  One of the best ways to grow traffic to your website is by properly promoting your website and its contents. If your promotion is not working, then just try to improve the content and carry on. A good content and proper promotion with SEO friendly keywords on your content title is what going to do major benefits for increasing the traffic for your site and you should concentrate on such things alone without worrying about any myths.

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