Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

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Are you a Blogger or planning to became a blogger? Before getting into blogging, you should be aware of the common mistakes which can block you blogging carrier. Avoiding the mistake can lead toward success. So, better to leave the mistake back and walk toward success.

The following are some of the most common blogging mistakes that you should avoid.

Using Hard-to-Understand Navigation

If your readers have to consult a manual before navigating your website successfully, then something is not right. People don’t want to waste time learning how to navigate your site. Therefore, you should make it intuitive and user friendly. Easy navigation was a key consideration when building my blog.

Using More Advertising than Content

If the advertising in your blog exceeds your content, you are making a big mistake. When your readers realize this, they might not stick around for long.

Failing to Update your Site Regularly

If your website contains information which is erroneous or outdated, it will be seen as a site which no one cares about. If you don’t care about your own website, why should your readers care about it?

Asking Readers for Too Much Information

If you require readers to give personal information before accessing your information, they might lose the motivation to stay on your site to read your content.

Attempting to be too ‘Tech-Savvy’

While it is okay to embrace innovative and new technologies, these can end up causing problems for readers of your blog. If your pages are too technology or image intensive, they might put off readers instead of attracting them.

Using Automatically Loading Videos and Sounds

If you want your site to be taken seriously, you also need to take it seriously. If you want to create a positive impression with your readers, sounds and videos that play automatically should be avoided.

Using too Many Images

Images will cause your pages to load more slowly. If you want to have many images in your site, compress them into smaller sizes.

Not Paying Attention to Your Readers

You need to be aware of your reader’s needs and find ways of providing solutions. This will cause your blog to find credibility with the readers. If you are ignoring what your readers are saying, then there is no point of blogging in the first place.

Embedding Frames or too Many Tables

These things are not only messy, but they also slow down browsers. In addition, they are completely unnecessary.  There are much better ways of setting up a blog.

14 thoughts on “Blogging Mistakes to Avoid

  1. You have covered most of the points. You may add lack of passion and hard work in this list. If a blogger has no passion or does not work hard, he will suffer in future. Nice article.

    1. I agree Sandipan, hard work and passion are very important.

  2. Agree with all the points above Charles. It will definitely help to all newbie bloggers.

    1. Hey Naser, thanks for the comment.

  3. Yeah, Nice points. While writing your post don’t try to copy some other bloggers content, try your own talking style while writing or answering to your readers.

    1. I agree, your blog should stand out among others in the same niche. Thanks for sharing.

  4. While choosing your niche, you must check yourself that Can you write quality post in this niche? If not then it’s better to choose another niche for blogging.

    1. Nice point Priya. A blogger should not write about anything they are not familiar with or passionate about.

  5. Nice article Charles on the different mistakes that people make on their blogs and websites. One of the biggest lessons we try to teach our blogging clients is the value of having their own voice. Trying to emulate someone else only takes away the joy that is found in producing your own content. People visit a blog today (as they are pressed for time) because it has value to them. This value is found in the quality of the content and the way they feel as they read it. The emotional response is so important to keep in mind. And this is found through writing in your own voice rather than someone else’s.

    1. I agree, each blog should offer unique value to its readers. Thanks for the comment.

  6. Hi Charles,
    I also agree with the mistakes you pointed out. I get a negative impression on blogs with more ads than content. We know visitors have short attention spans and if they find it hard to navigate a blog, then they may not stay for long. Also automatically loading videos and sounds startle visitors and that’s not a good first impression.
    We must put ourselves in our reader’s shoes and not include anything that will distract them from the message we want to impart.
    Thanks for sharing. Have a nice day!

    1. Hey Theresa, thanks for sharing. Good day.

  7. Great points. They are consistent with advice I have received from experienced bloggers. Always good to have them listed here for quick reference. Thanks again.

  8. I agree to this failing to update regularly on your blog. When one is doing a blog have in mind that you also need to take care of it update it regularly. It will show that you are really into it, not just by the sake of having a blog.

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