Samsung Galaxy Note 4 VS Moto X

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Samsung at present is the leader in the Android Smartphone market and it has made every attempt to remain at the top. Samsung will be launching the successor of Galaxy Note 3 namely Note 4 and it is expected to have mind boggling features. Last year Motorola launched an mid ranged Smartphone called the Moto X which gave competition to the Giants like Samsung Galaxy S5, Google Nexus 5 , Xperia Z2, HTC One M8 and LG G3.


Even though the Moto X smartphone had less features as compared to the other phones it still won  viewers heart as it was appropriately price. On the contrary Note 3 was not able to perform in the market may because of the price tag associated with it.

Motorola would soon be launching the Moto X+1 with features better than the Moto X and somewhat comparable to the Samsung Galaxy Note 4. Since its almost been an year to the launch of the Moto X we will see how Moto X still fights the upcoming Samsung Galaxy Note 4 with respect to the specification. Let us check it out:

Display :

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is expected to have a 5.7 inch capacitive screen with QHD display as was seen in the recent launch of Samsung Galaxy S5, where as Moto X has 4.7 inch AMOLED screen with capacitive touch. Both will be protected by Cornign Gorilla glass 3.


Samsung Galaxy Note 4 is expected to have a 4GB RAM, whereas Moto X has 2GB RAM. Well 2GB RAM these days is sufficient for a Smartphone I think.

Memory :

Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will come in two variants of 16GB and 32 GB both expandable upto 128GB, where as Moto X comes in three variant 16/32/64GB with no expandable storage option.

Camera :

Note 4 is expected to have 16MP primary camera which will be Sony made  have dual tone LED flash light and a secondary camera of about 3Mp. Whereas Moto X has 10MP primary camera with Single LED Flash light and a 2MP secondary camera.


Samsung galaxy Note 4 is set to come out with a Octa core processor whereas Moto X just has a dual core processor.

Operating System :

Moto X  is upgradable to Android OS 4.4.3 and might be upgradable in future also where as Note 4 will come with the latest Android OS 5.0 Lolypop.

Battery :

Samsung galaxy with sport a battery of 3500 mAh  and with ultra power saving mode the phone could last for atleast a week. Where as Moto X has a battery of 2200 mAh.

So according to the above difference it is clear that Note 4 is a complete winner with price associate with it is too high where as Moto X is not far behind either plus the price associated with it is apt.

So if you are a budget user go for MOTO X.

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