How to Establish the Value of a Domain Name

There are many companies which offer domain name valuation services. Some charge a fee, while others offer this service at no cost. Most of the valuations are made based on recent sales of similar domain names. However, since each domain name is unique, it is not really possible to place a value on it. Ultimately, […]

Internet Security Tips for Businesses

The internet is a valuable source of communication and information facilities for many businesses. However, despite all its benefits, there are also dangers which are associated with the internet. The following are some of the main threats to internet security. Spyware Spyware includes pop up ads, key loggers, adware, Trojans and modified cookies. It is […]

Tips for Choosing a Web Hosting Plan

When it comes to web hosting, there are many options to choose from. This includes shared hosting, free web hosting and dedicated hosting. All these options can be used to host your content so that web users can access it and view it online. However, the different types of web hosting differ in terms of […]

Great Tips for Web Photography

Photos can cause your web pages to be vibrant and stand out. Even web pages with an excellently design web pages can be enhanced using well-placed, relevant and high quality images. A website can be personalized by including the photo of the business owner as well as the staff. You can also show photos of […]

How to Make Money as a Virtual Assistant

The internet has made it possible to work for people in other countries from the comfort of your home. If you have administrative skills, you can find many opportunities of working as a virtual assistant. Unlike working in a physical office, being a virtual assistant will enable you to take charge of your life and […]

Tips for Safeguarding Your Brand’s Online Reputation

If you search using your business name in Google, you are likely to see the name appearing in several websites. You can apply online reputation management to change how your business name appears. This is done by filling the internet with neutral or positive content. Though content which is damaging or irrelevant is not easily […]

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