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Best 5 SEO Tips

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SEO is one of the primary things that you must do in order to start earning from your website. Here are some of the best tips that you must follow so as to improve traffic on your website.

  • Commenting is one of the best ways by which you can generate quality traffic on your website. Commenting is one of the easiest and difficult jobs for any SEO campaign. Try to comment on those blogs which have higher PageRank so that the quality of backlinks is better. Getting few good backlinks are much better than large number of low quality backlinks.
  • When someone comments on your posts then make it a point to reply back so that the visitors can be interested in your website. This will also help in making a loyal readership that will come to your website always.
  • Today almost everyone is on Facebook or on Twitter, so the social network also plays an important part in the bringing a large amount of traffic. It is this power of human networking that attracted many companies to promote and launch their products on these social networks. You can also submit your site to many social bookmarking websites that bring in quality and dedicated traffic.
  • The layout and overall content on your site should be simple and free from flaws. This will help the search engine bots that will better understand the structure and index them into their repository accordingly. Many search engines such as Google and Yahoo recommends that the webmasters should put a sitemap of your website. This will help the search engine bots that will parse the site faster and better. The user experience is another factor that you should also check out for. The experience should be kept as easy as possible so that the user can recognize your site better.
  • Another vital source of traffic is the image searches that are performed by the users daily. The image searches constitute more than 10 per cent of the Google’s daily queries. Images are often neglected by many bloggers who mainly aim for the traffic through their posts only. This it becomes extremely important that you treat your images properly. The best way to generate traffic is through the alt tags. These alt tags better describe the images and their optimal usage will boost the traffic on your site.

10 thoughts on “Best 5 SEO Tips

  1. Onsite optimization is something we really have to look into. Thanks for the tips.

  2. Interesting read! I like your words “It’s human networking power”.

  3. I’ve one question here about image optimization. Let’s say I use my keyword for the image alt tag… that’s it I don’t need to do anything else to rank my image in Google or other search engine?? Does using your keyword with alt tag enough to rank your image??

  4. I agree with you that commenting is a good way to get traffic and build backlinks for our site.

  5. Submission on social bookmarking sites, link posting on social networking sites, commenting etc are really great way to promote the site and you have shared all these means in a very comprehensive way. Thanks for the posting.

  6. Great share Akshay … Agree with your points, especially the last one ….
    Truly said that many bloggers neglect images

  7. Yes I agree with you images are not taken care of for seo they certainly have a role in driving traffic.

    Thanks for sharing… 🙂

  8. Nice sharing.. could you tell me how to get high quality of dofollow blogs?

  9. The biggest secret to being a “profitable” blogger is blogging about your passion. Blogs that are built with a reason of making money usually don’t make it far and do not make money.

  10. Great article. I am attempting to write a film blog but I never realised how much SEO was needed for readership. Nice advice. Thanks.

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