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Best Apps for Your iPad

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Smart phones changed the way people used cell phones. Instead of simply calling and texting their friends, smart phones enabled their users to browse the web, check their email, stream music and movies, listen to all of their favorite bands, and even take photo and videos. Many people protected their smart phones with cell phone cases. With the invention of the iPad in April, 2010, Apple set the bar that much higher for other computer companies.

The iPad is a tablet computer that is used as a platform for audio and visual media, including pictures, movies, games, music, periodicals and web content. It’s in between the size of a smart phone and a lap top and runs on the same operating system as the iPhone and iPad Touch. The iPad can only run on programs approved by Apple unless it is jail broken. There are many cool applications, or “apps,” that you can download on your iPad. If you are a new iPad user and do not know which apps are the best ones, here is our list of the top three.


If you absolutely love movies and are always on the go, then the Netflix app is perfect for you. Netflix is a web system that allows you to watch thousands of movie choices from many different genres that you can view for a small monthly fee. The Netflix app allows you to have access to all of these fun and entertaining movies right from your iPad. It doesn’t matter if you are in the comfort of your own home or on the bus going to work, you will be able to pass the time by watching all of your favorite movies.


If music is what you are into, then be sure to check out the GarageBand app. GarageBand allows you to rock out to eight different track recordings with over 250 loops and is compatible with the Mac version of GB. You get to choose to play from a number of different virtual touch instruments and can plug your guitar into a virtual amp for some extra volume.


If you want to get the latest news sent right to your iPad, then be sure to get the Instapaper app. This app sends all the latest news to your computer and strips away all of the junk. You’ll love being in the know when it comes to politics, pop culture and everything in between.

Just like getting a cell phone cover to protect your smart phone, you should invest in a iPad case for your iPad to keep it protected from the elements. An iPad skin will keep it from scratching, scuffing and getting scraped.

The iPad will help organize your life and allow you to have everything you need right at your fingertips. You will love being able to have access to all kinds of fun and entertaining apps that will add productivity and enjoyment to your life. The iPad is great for anybody.


6 thoughts on “Best Apps for Your iPad

  1. Nice list, Though I love Netflix as I like to watch movies very much.

  2. This makes me want an iPad!

    I probably wouldn’t use it outside of home much, but I love music and Garage Band is pretty awesome! I just wish these things were more affordable, especially the wi-fi only version… haha

    Thanks for the post!
    -Gabriel Johansson

  3. I am an app addict..Thanks for sharing such a cool list. I love GarageBand, love making my own rock music on it.

  4. I have using Instapaper for long time. Great app, it has lots of advantages.

  5. I wanna purchase an ipad this march. But i am not sure if it will meet the requirements and replace a laptop. I generally use my lappy for browsing adobe and microsoft documents, please do tell me if can edit the same in an ipad.

  6. I wasn’t a fan of the iPad at first but there’s a few apps that I’ve seen that make me want one. Netflix is one, as is BBC iPlayer and iBooks!

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