VPN for mobiles – How to configure L2TP VPN for Android OS?

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Normally we encounter 4 different kinds of protocols that we can use with our Android and other smart phones. You can choose to go with any one of them; however before you do that make sure that specific type of service’s VPN for mobiles support Android OS, as if you don’t than it might be troublesome for you, as it won’t work on your Android phone.


If you are willing to use any specific type of VPN service, than you need to setup that VPN service by going in the settings.

In the following lines you will get to know step by step procedure of configuring L2TP VPN for Android OS:

Enter in setting section:

In order to configure L2TP VPN for Android OS, the very first thing that you need to do is to Press the Menu button from the Home Screen and enter in setting section of your Android device.

Select Wireless And Networks Category:

After entering in the general settings of your Android phone, the next thing that you need to do is to Choose Wireless And Networks from the category and enter in its sub category of VPN settings. Now:

  • Select “Add VPN option” from the list of settings.
  • Select L2TP VPN from the list.
  • Enter the settings of L2TP VPN, which normally include: Name of VPN Service, Enter Server address (link), Enter the pre shared key.
  • Press Menu button and select Save Option.

That’s all what you have to do in order to Configure L2TP VPN settings in your Android OS. The best thing about this is that the entire procedure won’t take more than 20 seconds, and it is just one time setting, than you can enjoy your L2TP VPN as much as you can. You can change the settings anytime you want just by entering in Wireless And Networks section.

Connecting with L2TP VPN:

After you are done with the configuration section, the next thing that you need to do is to connect with your new VPN connection, here is how:

Entering in the Wireless and Networks section:

From your Android device’s home screen press menu button and enter the setting section than Choose Wireless And Networks and finally into VPN settings.

Entering the Login details:

After entering in the VPN settings section you will see your L2TP service provider’s name, after you see that,

  • Click on the name of the L2TP VPN service provider.
  • Enter your login details in the details section.
  • Press Connect in order to Connect with your L2TP VPN connection.

It is that simple, and it surely won’t take much of your time. However if you don’t see the name of your L2TP VPN service provider than it would have happen because you might have not save the configuration details. Now there is nothing else you can do except re – Configuring it in the same way and make sure that the details are properly saved in your Android device, and after you are done with it try to reconnect it again.

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