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Content Management Systems are growing and increasingly large sites are sticking to them. Each day brings new systems, some are robust, others not. Purposes with each pre-defined and permanent system, with other purposes that can be adapted to blogs and forums up in a single system.

This article will talk about the characteristics of content management systems.


For me and for many bloggers is the best platform for creating and maintaining websites. It is very versatile and can turn up forums but by default is meant to blogs. It has a excess of free and paid themes, is semantic and optimized for search engines and allow the installation of plugins or extensions, which add extra features to the system. It is based on PHP / MySQL.


It is a bit more complex than WordPress and is focused on portals. Several themes and plugins / extensions available and a huge community. It may be a good choice if you are already experienced in the business of blogging and know a little about SEO. It is based on the system Mambo, PHP / MySQL.


The perfect solution for anyone who wants to create an online forum. Several sites that host free blogs using phpBB, one of which is www. It has several themes and translations. It is quite safe and have a community full of people willing to help you. Works with PHP scripts, can use the MySQL database, Postsgre SQL, SQL Server, Access etc..


Besides being known as a CMS, also be a working framework, because it implements a robust set of APIs that facilitate the development of other modules. I recommend it to anyone who wants to create a more descriptive and informative site about his work. Create blogs, portals. PHP / MySQL;


You know the world-famous Wikipedia Foundation? Yeah, they use the CMS MediaWiki! Created for online encyclopedias, MediaWiki is the leader in the field of Intended encyclopedias when it comes to CMS. Used by various sites that provide wikis.

Choose one that suits your site!

To maintain a website today is much easier if it is created using one of these systems. The systems I have mentioned in this article are very familiar and you probably have heard at least one of them.

To use any of the above systems enough to have PHP and SQL is available on website. It’s also good to have access via FTP, although this is not compulsory as some companies provide lodging services over the installers.

Which Content management system you use? share with us.

8 thoughts on “Best 5 Content Management Systems – CMS

  1. Hello,
    I want to develop a website. As a layman in this filed is it possible for me to develop a website by sing these CMS s? If yes then which is the best for me. My website will be for educational purpose.

  2. Great post on the best CMS, although I think you missed to big ones:
    1. Typo3
    2. Contao (my favourite one)

    just my 2 cents…

  3. For anyone who would like to start an online shop, I’d definitely recommend Joomla with Virtuemart module. I’ve used for one of my sites and it’s incredibely powerful.

    Thanks for the post

  4. i have used wordpress and joomla. Rest of the CMS are also good but wordpress and joomla are the best as far i have experienced.

  5. Joomal is a good choice …if you want to create a community or a network, newsroom,articale,forum etc….because set your article expire after given specific time ,creating navigation structure is easy,does not require html knowledge..etc

  6. I am using wordpress, joomla and drupal and all content management system are very useful for developing different sites using its features.

  7. Word press is the most famous and reliable source as free CMS.

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