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HostBig is a Reliable, affordable webhosting providing unlimited webspace, unlimited bandwidth and 99.9% uptime. It also provide 24×7 live support.

How HostBig is Affordable?

HostBig has four plans.

  • Exite Plan – Unlimited Webspace, Unlimited Bandwidth, Host 1 website. The package is worth 1$ per month.
  • Power Plan – Unlimited Webspace, Unlimited Bandwidth, Host 5 websites. The package is worth 3$ per month.
  • Pro Plan – Unlimited Webspace, Unlimited Bandwidth, Host 20 websites, Free domain name. The package is worth 5$ per month.
  • Extreme Plan – Unlimited Webspace, Unlimited Bandwidth, Host unlimited websites, Free domain name. The package is worth 8$ per month.

How HostBig is Reliable?

Cyber World is hosted on HostBig. Before HostBig, Cyber World was hosted on different Webhost. But after 2-3 months of shifting of the blog from blogger to wordpress, it was been attacked by ddos(distributed denial-of-service attack). The webhost service refused to host the site due to security of other sites hosted on the system. Due to attack Cyber World was blocked by google and also lost adsense.

Then, we searched for Webhost which can filter or block ddos attacks, we talked with best hosting company, but they refused to provide 100% security from ddos attacks. After searching many webhost companies we found Hostbig. we talked with customer representative of HostBig and they insure us about the security of the blog.

The security of a blog is as much important as hosting. Hostbig gives you both hosting and Security. For us uptime is 99%.

Other Features

HostBig Packages include Control Panel, Virus Scanner, SPAM filter, 50 Free Website Templates, Online Site Builder, Fantastico! Script Installer, Shopping Cart, WebMail, Unlimited FTP, Sub Domains, Daily Backups, Awstats Statistics, PHP, CGI, MySQL, MS Frontpage Extensions and much more.


So, what you need more than this? Check out the features yourself.

23 thoughts on “HostBig Review

  1. Thanks Isha for the cool review, very useful for all.

    1. I signed up with 5 weeks ago, 2 weeks of that my site has been down. After numerous email their excuse was they were improving its servers. The site is now back on line but takes 20s to 1 minute to load a page. Some improvement that is. This is an atrocious company and as I type this I am talking to another hosting company to move my site.

      Hostbig? Big, big mistake!!

  2. Just taken out an unlimited hosting account and found out that it’s not unlimited (not even close to unlimited) after all. I wish i’d read your review only five days ago!!

    1. first use the given bandwidth and space. it will automatically extend after using. After for kind information i posted the review 2 days before.

  3. yaa it is good host…………
    still my blog is hosted on free host …
    now thinking to move to pro host…
    i will consider host big also….
    i hv one opinion for your blog that u r blog loads so slow…..
    plz work on it……
    u should try new theme……
    also try free service to fast up u r blog….

  4. Nice post! I hope they have a good uptime! 🙂

  5. hostbig is truly horrible. why don’t you just admit you are an affiliate? right now it is taking 10 minutes to log into the fantastico section. And there uptime is more like 60 per cent. Especially for subdomains.

  6. yes i agree with patrick.. ive used their service and it really pissed me everytime i upload on using FTP, it would suddenly disconnect. its not 99.9% uptime. though they have a tech support and I always get talked with them every now and then because of the issue but they will let you hold for a moment then will reply for 10mins or more when your site is ok. i will not probably recommend it.

    1. Even no hosting provider can give approx 99% up-time. for security issue it is the best hosting. if you are the victim of ddos attack you would know how painful is choosing another web hosting server and re-installing the blog.

  7. its fine with you. but on my side im actully experiencing a downtime for more than an hour. which decides me not to use their service. i respect your side but if your making money out of your website, then you lost a lot of money.

    1. yeah, i am also experiencing downtime’s sometime and it is the problem with most of the hosting services. but it better to have downtime rather than completely down of the service. i am using the service and liked the service so, recommending the service not for money. At last Hostbig is providing some unique features which almost none of the hosting service is providing and you can rely for security of your blog.

  8. lol as funny as it is..
    my site,, is offline. Due to their TECH SUPPORT incompetence. I plan on moving to hostgator, iweb, or godaddy. I cannot have such an awesome site be silenced due to their inadequate knowledge on hosting, servers, or anything of the sort.

    Server 500 Error on page.. really?

  9. A few months ago I moved from Hostgator to Hostbig. I am paying for the whole year what I was paying per month! Good deal? Indeed not at all:
    Mail servers are not responding, many failed connections, no bandwidth to upload to your site or get in your webmail or cpanel, etc.
    One of the recurrent problems is: after several failed attempts to connect to your website, to download your emails for example, you are being blocked by their firewall! Then you have to contact their technical support to ask them to allow you in again but they seem incapable to solve the problem. I have a fixed IP so it should not be too difficult to authorize me permanently?
    Right now I cannot my website; again…
    You get what you pay for.

  10. which hostbig? Doesnt state if its .com or .net

    .net are a good company but .com are a shambles to deal with.

    1., at least in my case

  11. thank you for sharing I need more more review about them before i will begin my hosting from them.. Thank for this one.

  12. I’ve spent more time reporting problems to them than on my own websites.

    The sites are sluggish quite a lot and I’ve reported this is down to the CPU being hammered. Now they do get this fixed but it’s not long before it happened again.

    I’ve reported how my site keeps loosing connection to the SQL server and their response is always “Well its ok now”

    I use Cloudflare to help keep resources down and help protect my site from DDOS attacks and these jokers keep blocking their IP addresses so I can’t even get on my own ruddy site.

    Serously keep away from this host if you want your website up and running smoothly

    1. But in my case i am not experiencing any problem with them. And they are bloking the IP addresses in cpanel for unauthorized logins or for security reasons. And yeah, some time i feel some issues on my blog. but, thats the case every blog experience and the customer support are more active.

  13. Awful company! Seriously terrible support and service!

    I’ve created a dozen websites with 4 other web hosts–most are standard, good service, and tech support. I thought i’d give Hostbig a try–they are awful!! In the three months i was with them after countless complaints they NEVER got my email accounts functioning consistently (who knows how much business i lost!), my site would go down without warning, and the list goes on! There is NO phone support, there interface is clunky, and their tech and sales teams have severe language barriers which makes extremely difficult to communicate.
    In the end the argued with me about the refund and i walked away without it despite their “90 day money back guarantee”

    Bottom line: Next time I want unreliable service and rude customer support I will go to the post office. For a webhost I will most certainly look elsewhere!

    1. Well. we too had same experience afterwards. so, we shifted to hostgator and blue host and really they are value their services and customer!!

  14. Don’t believe the hype, Hostbig are awful!
    My very simple 4 page site has had multiple two week long outages. Their support are useless and fob you off. Save your money and go somewhere else.

  15. Hostbig is awful. I have many sites with many hosts, and they are by far the worst. It’s down for hours on end nearly everyday for the past year. I am in the process of moving all sites away from them.

  16. Sorry but this is a horrible company. They host known spammers who steal email address and send from hosted sites.

    I complained several times and was completely ignored every time.

    Finally, I had to contact the FTC, BBB and attorney.

    There are so many more reputable, safe and respectable ISPs. Don’t waste time with them.

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