One Big Web: Wi-Fi’s Move to Household Appliances

The emergence of Wi-Fi was an incredibly exciting concept, and the extent of its benefits may not yet be fully realized. Over the course of the past 25 years, Wi-Fi has found its way into a number of products, most notably in the computing and communications worlds, where almost every PC, laptop, smartphone and tablet […]

Tech News: Augmented Reality- Project Glass

Augmented reality, as opposed to virtual reality, is the connection between a virtual context and real life with real people. In virtual reality, nothing is real. Augmented reality has been a subject of fascination by many, and has made Hollywood billions of dollars. But it hasn’t stopped in the cinema, as it is a human […]

Facebook’s Expansion: An All in One Social Network?

As if Facebook needs any more of the limelight. It has been sprawled across almost every media publication for a number of months now, and most recently for all the wrong reasons, with the IPO fiasco and subsequent legal proceedings against them. During the lead up to the IPO, Facebook seemed to be changing strategy, […]

Battle of the Search Engines

The search engines have almost become the cornerstone of society. They are becoming increasingly powerful, providing us with so much knowledge it’s incomprehensible; millions of results within a split second. It is a very competitive market, leading the search engine providers to continuously improve the experience and functionality of the engines. Nowadays they have become […]

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