Touch Screens on All-in-One Computers: The Good And The Bad

Multitouch touch screens are all the rage – from tablets to tables, mobiles to monitors, it’s the new way to interact with your device. One category that’s seen a rise in the number of touchscreen-based options is the all in one computer sector. So what are they like to use, and should you buy one? […]

Four Threats to the Once-Dominant Desktop Computer

As new technologies continue to emerge, the future of the traditional desktop computer is uncertain. Critics claim that smartphones, laptops, and tablets will rule the new era. These newer entries in the technology industry have achieved high sales in a short period of time. During this period they have taken a huge chunk off desktop […]

Tracking Your Advertisement Campaign Performance

We all know that online advertisements are one of the fastest ways to generate website traffic but monitoring advertisement performance is essential to an effective online marketing strategy, and few webmasters do that. If your advertisement campaign is not doing well then you are only wasting resources that could have be spent elsewhere. So let’s […]

Microsoft Office 2013 Focuses on Mobility and the Cloud

The coming release of Microsoft Office 2013 offers users more convenience than ever before.  Microsoft Office 2013 was built to be compatible not only with desktops and laptops, but now integrates functions that work seamlessly with tablets and smartphones.  However, its central feature revolves around cloud computing where documents are automatically stored in Microsoft’s SkyDrive […]

Data Center Virtualization and its Uses: Part Two

In the previous article, we’we’ve seen that a need for multiple and geographic redundancy exposes several issues for enterprises: 1. Multiple, non-performing, expensive assets sit unused for long periods of time 2. Real 100% uptime is less likely the fewer redundant servers you have 3. All servers need individual and constant administration. In this article, we’re going […]

Data virtualization – Why do we need it?

Data virtualization. It’s a tricky topic for even IT experts to get their heads around, but is, in deployment, revolutionising the way that data is served and accessed across the web. This first article will look, in the simplest possible terms, at what data virtualization is and which business needs have driven its expansion. Why […]

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