Ever Best Apps for Android Smartphone

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The Apple’s new iOS is only able to be beaten from the highly-effective Android Operating System (OS), they increased the quantity of apps, which are available inside the Android Stores.


Below are the 10 ever best Android apps which are necessary for your smartphone:

Launcher Pro


Launcher Pro is creatively much attractive as compared to built-in Launcher in Android. You are also able to perform much efficiently in Landscape Mode by using this unique application.

Advanced Task Killer


Large amount of apps which are operating in the back-end can consume the RAM and also reduce your smartphone’s functionality, along with decreasing battery life-time. Having Advanced Task Killer placed-in, it is able to discover the apps which are functioning unnecessarily on back-end and also shut down those which you don’t require anymore.



Using Wavesecure, you are able to eliminate the worry regarding the loss of your expensive Android smartphone. It’s one of the most responsible protection apps for the smartphone, Wavesecure secures your mobile phone as well as locks almost all information if there’s a thievery. This unique app also assists you to monitor about the place exactly where you misplaced your smartphone and also enables you to recover your all data.

Opera Mini


You are able to get advantage by great searching performance, quicker buffering of webpages, add favorites by efficient management and also simple web page retention using the perfect smartphone searcher, this application is known as Opera Mini.

Google Earth


Google Earth demands not any kind of overview, you are able to focus on any specific place around the planet, see wonderful airborne pictures as well as 3D (three dimensional) graphics of several of more exciting places all over the globe.



CashBook facilitates you to monitor your payments on weekly basis as well as month-to-month time frame. CashBook is among the greatest and extraordinary apps.



Being a famous sports monitoring app that is as well existing in Symbian mobiles, performs an extremely excellent work for Android also. Besides the general strolling, jogging, riding a bicycle and so on, additionally, it facilitates snow-boarding as well as boating. You are also able to monitor your exercise on-line by using this amazing app.

Google Goggles


Actually this is Google’s graphic browse that causes utilize of camera inside your smartphone. Just shoot an image of any device or simply SMS to access relevant browse results.

Dial Zero


This is actually an app which maintains record of over hundreds of organizations client care contacts along with details to approach them easily.

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