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Great Tips for Web Photography

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Photos can cause your web pages to be vibrant and stand out. Even web pages with an excellently design web pages can be enhanced using well-placed, relevant and high quality images. A website can be personalized by including the photo of the business owner as well as the staff. You can also show photos of satisfied customers who are using your services and products. The benefits of using your products and services can clearly be illustrated through before and after images.

The following are some tips that could come in very handy when it comes to web photography.

Focus on your subject

When an individual is the focus of your photo, the shot takes should be a close-up limited to the head and shoulders. The subject should wear solid and clean colors. Some of the things which should be avoided include checks or stripes on ties, clothing with text, white shirts (without blazers or jackets) and hats which cast a shadow on the face. Finally, make sure the background of the photo is not cluttered. Cluttered backgrounds can be concealed using a plain sheet.

Control the lighting

When it comes to photography, the best lighting is that which is natural and indirect. The subject should not have areas which are over-bright or areas of deep shadows. Whenever possible, the auto flash should be turned off so as to avoid creating a harsh look. Use the red eye reduction feature to avoid red-eye in your photograph.

When shooting outdoors, your subject should not directly face into the sun so as to avoid overly bright lighting and squinting. Early evening or early morning offers the most suitable outdoor light.

Avoid blurred photos

Blurred photos can be avoided by ensuring the camera does not shake when taking the photograph. For stability, you might need to lean against something solid or place your elbows on a solid surface. Press the shutter release gently so as to avoid moving your camera. To steady your shots completely, it is always advisable to use a tripod.

Avoid distracting backgrounds

You need to ensure that there is nothing in the background which will cause distraction. If you are taking a shot of someone working in an office, make sure the background contains minimum essential items. Things such as trash cans should be kept out of sight. For outdoor shots, watch out for reflections in glass, power lines, and other undesirable elements.

When taking photos of products, you need to make sure that the background compliments the product. The focus should be mainly on the product. Alternatively, you could opt to have no background at all so as to avoid any kind of distraction.

Try taking shoots from unusual angles. You can photograph from high up looking down or from the floor looking up. This could end up producing a very unique look.

Feel free to take as many photos as possible. At times, getting the right photograph requires taking numerous shots.

6 thoughts on “Great Tips for Web Photography

  1. Does panoramic images help in blogging. As can it attract more viewers than the normal images?

  2. These are really great tips and I enjoyed reading it a lot. I have always loved photography. And you’re right, a web page looks even better with images on it. I am very curious to find out how you can actually control the lighting, though. Should there be some adjustments with the settings or something?

  3. I agree that good quality pictures and make a big difference in how a website is perceived – great tips, you clearly have good experience in this field – thanks

  4. Those are great tips for making the most out of your website photos. Well taken photos will good lighting will make people stay at your website longer. We are such visual creatures and having photos on your website is a great asset.

  5. Nowadays, blogging and photography come hand-in-hand. If you have a blog, taking your own photos to share along with your posts is a great plus. It’s always good to use your own images for a more customized look, rather than downloading free photos from certain websites.

  6. Awesome tips. I agree! having photos on your website can attract more people.

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