Celebrity Sponsorship – a New Era of Celebrity Endorsement for Brands and Organisations?

The aim behind gaining celebrity endorsement for a product, event, or campaign is primarily that of increasing the public’s interest. Yet, participating in sponsorship deals or public engagement also increases the celebrity’s public exposure and profile (as well as often providing him or her with monetary compensation). So, everybody wins in this situation. Public interest […]

How to Save Myspace

One of the bigger disasters for Rupert Murdoch in the last few years – bad behavior on his British papers aside – was Myspace. The Australian media baron picked it up for some $580 million in 2005, which looked initially like a good move. It wasn’t – last year, he sold it on for a […]

Retail Algorithms: Friend or Foe?

How to define a computer algorithm in one easy sentence? Well, in essence, an algorithm is a man-made, step-by-step finite process, where one input leads to a separate output function. Generally, once created, computer algorithms do not require any further human intervention, unless a change to the process or output is required. Their innate value […]

Three Innovative Ways to Keep your Information Safe Online

As reported by CNN, several major US banks have experienced the largest cyber attacks ever recorded in the past week – banks including Wells Fargo, Bank of America, and U.S. Bank, which have millions of customers across the world. These attacks, along with the recent hacking attacks affecting the millions of users of LinkedIn and […]

How Ultrabooks are Changing the Modern Digital Lifestyle

The ultrabook market is still looking for its footing in the industry – but according to a study from Juniper Research, the ultrabook market is expected to grow faster than the tablet PC market. The report also stated that more than 170 million ultrabooks will be manufactured every year, despite tablets keeping the lead with […]

Ouya to Introduce Open Source Gaming to the Console Market

As the gaming world awaits the new models of the Playstation, the Xbox, and the Wii, a new player has decided to shake up the industry with the use of open source software technology.  Ouya is the upcoming game console founded by Julie Uhrman.  It runs on a modified version of Android 4 Ice Cream […]

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