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When Android only appeared at the mobile market (first two years or so), one of the serious disadvantages of this operating system was the absence of decent apps for reading books.


But today the situation has changed drastically. There’re so many reading apps in the Play Store that it’s really hard to choose the one that suits best. Some readers have great design but lack functional, others on the contrary irritate you when reading. In this article I’d like to tell about the three most interesting (in my view) readers for Android.



The app is presented in the Play Store market in two variants: a free one and a paid one. The difference is that a free variant has ads and its functional is a bit limited if compared to that of a paid version. This app has simple and pleasant interface, and a vast range of settings. Right after the installation process Moon+Readers offers you to move all books on your Android device into one app folder, connect this folder to the Internet or to open a book from the app library.

The Moon+Reader library represents itself a list of books categories. If you open a category, you’ll see a simple list in the form of wooden book shelves. Apart from supporting popular reading formats (fb2, txt, epub, chm, umd, html) the app supports zip archives. In the settings you can customize the process of reading the way you feel most comfortable. Also, you can select a part of text and copy it for the following use, for example, in the notes. The settings are very numerous and flexible: not only can you change the size of text, but also its font, color, coding. You can also install any image from your device as a background. As in any text editor you can change indents, line spacing and other parameters connected with text editing. As for functional, I think it’s the most customizable app available. The only disadvantage, in my view, is high requirements to the device’s hardware.

Go Book


This app has been developed by a pretty famous developers team who already released such apps as Go Launcher, Go SMS and other. Go Dev Team has created a reader that has become one of the most popular readers for Android. And the latest version of this reader got great functional as well.

Right now the app supports 5 book formats: txt, epub, fb2, pdf and umd. After launching the app you’ll see a book shelf where all previously opened books are placed, and also you’ll see links to the books from network storage. Right in the process of reading you can access any settings you need, like text size or lighting level. With the help of the scroll-box you can go to any part of the text, as well as to any chapter of a book. Surely, you can bookmark any page and continue reading from this page later on. Go Book has three variants of paging – sliding from left to right, imitation of paging a real book, and scrolling up and down. The app settings allow you to change the theme of the app, leave a review and add network book storage. Among the disadvantages of the app are the inability to change the background of a book without changing the whole theme and the absence of auto-paging.

Cool Reader


The most famous Android reader. This is due to the fact that the app gained its popularity when it was an app for other systems (including desktop systems). Now this app with all its advantages and disadvantages is used by millions of Android users. The main peculiarity of this Android reader is its great functional combined with simple settings. When you launch the app it opens the latest book from the moment you stopped reading. I like this feature as I rarely read several book simultaneously, so I don’t need to bookmark often.

Cool Reader automatically scans the internal memory of your device finding the books and sorting them by name and author. The app supports a lot of reading formats, as well as online catalogues. But it should be mentioned that the app launches pretty slowly. It’s the main app’s disadvantage, though generally the app works smoothly. There enough settings to customize any book for pleasant reading, it even supports gestures and CSS-styles. The app is free but you can donate to the developers any time.

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