How to make your Google Chrome work faster

Since the moment of its release Google Chrome has quickly become one of the most popular browsers among users due to its simplicity and easy to understand interface. What is more, a large number of plugins and widgets allow expanding the functions of the browser which will suit more experienced users. Nevertheless, after some use […]

Great Google Chrome Extensions for Every Chrome Users

Google Chrome might be a powerful browser right out of the box, but if you leave it uncustomized, then you are not utilizing it to its full potential, and missing some of the great things it can do for daily and help you out with your internet browsing. And what makes chrome a better browser […]

Secrets Of Google Chrome

Google Chrome is a new browser, in comparison to it’s competitors. It is the fastest internet browser and rapidly expanding it’s popularity.  I have listed some quick tips for you to take better advantage of the browser. Explore the secrets of Google Chrome. Configuring Multiple Homepages. You can configure Chrome to load multiple web sites whenever you open the […]

Send Anonymous Email

In some situations you may want to remain anonymous when sending an e-mail. For this reason, an extension created for Google Chrome browser, called “Send anonymous email” Which, as its name suggests, lets you send anonymous emails, so much practice. You need to login to google account to install the plugin. After installing the plugin, simply […]

Meet The New Operating System From Google

After much speculation since its announcement in July of last year, The Chrome operating system arrives, finally, to the stable release. But before you rush to try to download it, a sad truth, the system will be released only on specific Google Notebook , because, for the system to perform better, they decided to release […]

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