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Cloud Computing – Simplest Form With Its Benefits

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Today, everyone should have heard about “Cloud computing” but only some people know exactly what it is. Well, those who don’t know about it don’t worry at all, because I am going to explain you what is cloud computing in very simple words. When you search the work online, a lot of technical websites come up, but they are very technical and you will either lose interest or be totally lost and will stop reading.

It is good to be technical but how does an average Joe like me find out from where to start.  Let’s find out:

What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud Computing is a technology that helps to save your data online. Normally you save your data in your computer or on your portable hard drive or cd but by using cloud computing you can store your data in the online network or in the cloud. When we save our data in the hard drive of our computers what happens if somehow our hard drive crashes and all our data will be lost. This is where cloud computing steps in. We can save our data on the internet and we can use it from any place and from any computer. One just needs to connect the internet, and download the stored files and start working. Data sharing websites are the best examples of cloud computing. Everything is stored in the cloud or virtually.

How to Use Cloud Computing?

For using this technology, you have to install cloud computing software in your system and then store all the important data by using that software. Once you have stored all the data in that software, it will be uploaded automatically on the internet and get stored in the cloud computing network. And whenever you need that data, you can access it from anywhere after connecting to the internet.

Benefits of Using Cloud Computing

The major benefit of using cloud computing technology is that you can store and also get your data from any place and from any computer. Moreover, it is very cost effective and maintenance cost is also very low. It also gives you option whether you want to select a public or private cloud computing according to your requirements.

Data Security

This technology gives you data security. You do not need to fear the loss of your data, as no one can delete it. Moreover, there are millions of servers connecting in a cloud computing network and even if some servers go out of order, then other server provide backup and keep running with their full potential and your data is safe and secure.

6 thoughts on “Cloud Computing – Simplest Form With Its Benefits

  1. I have been using Google Documents and Dropbox from last few years and are really great as you get security of your data and privacy as well.

    But I have question here, You told about Public and Private cloud computing… What’s the diffrence here?

    1. Public means the data in cloud will be available for you and also for others but in private the data is accessible by you only. In public you can share your data with others.

      1. Ok, Got it Isha!!!. Thanks for explaining it for me. 🙂

  2. One of the famous software is Eucalyptus Cloud Computing Software.

  3. Very informative article, thanks a lot for it. As far as I understood Cloud Computing usage can be a guarantee of my data storage. And it’s really great!

  4. First, Cloud Computing is not for everyone. If you are thinking to move your service or website in the cloud then its really difficult and costs you a lot. I tried AWS ones and found very complicated.
    On the other hand using services like DropBox, Box.net, skyDrive etc is really good experience because your data is secure and available everywhere.


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