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Optimization Tips for your Website’s Landing Page

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With the increasing usage of the Internet in recent times, organizations have taken greatly to marketing their wares/services on a virtual platform. From websites to SEO, email marketing to link-building, we’ve witnessed them all.


Landing pages, or a lead capture page, is one such technique that’s created with the intention of generating market awareness. Said landing page is what one is lead to upon clicking on an online advertising banner or the link provided on a Search Engine Result Page.

The role of this page is to attract consumers and invoke interest within them to learn more about the organization and their services. In other words, it is their duty to create a consumer out of a bystander.

However, in an attempt to attain their goal, one tends to go astray with their methodology, thus warding off the viewers, rather than attracting them.

In order to achieve their primary goal, one can implement the following tips that are bound to aid them all through the process.


The world is moving in an extremely fast pace these days, with its inhabitants striving to keep up with it. Man is now hard-pressed for time, and is rarely willing to waste even a minute of it.

What this means in a marketing perspective, is that one has to now keep it concise. No more incessant rambling, explaining a service from A-Z. Now, it’s all about making it brief, simple and creative. The more appealing they appear to be, the higher their success rate in the market.


A bold heading is what instantly grabs the attention of the consumer, encouraging them to continue reading. Relevant words strung together in a catchy manner, has the power to call out to the viewer and force them to take notice.


Again, keep it concise. Too much text on a landing page is considered to be an instant turn off as no one has enough time to read the entire thing. Simply mention the important points, highlight them with large font and make it as striking as possible. Your words should have the power to strike the right chord within a consumer, in a jiffy.


Visuals alone have the power to communicate messages to an eclectic audience as it transcends language barriers. By using relevant, attractive images, one can easily get their message across instantly. However, refrain from overloading the page with images as it would be visually displeasing. A single one would be more than sufficient.


Everybody loves a bargain. By emphasizing on the availability of an offer or promotion on your landing page, or on the previous link, one can attract attention instantly.

Bullet Points

Rather than providing information in never-ending paragraphs, that would rarely intrigue a viewer to read through, one can list them out in bullet points. This way one can impart their message in a concise manner, which would have more possibility of creating an impact on the consumer.

Call to Action (CTA)

It is vital in marketing to provide a CTA in an advertisement, as it would direct the consumer on to the next step. By providing a single, clear CTA, one can guide the consumer on to the point of sale, at ease.


Impart a sense of urgency in your words, in order to encourage consumers to take action immediately. By stating ‘Offer ends in 2 days’ or ‘First 10 to send in entries, wins’, the consumer will instantly sit-up and take notice and hasten to do something about it.

Contact Details

Advertising your service on the landing page would be irrelevant if you didn’t provide contact details too. One needs to know where to turn to for further details, and by providing the required information, one can guide their consumers directly to them.

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  1. All these shared points are essential and very effective to make a landing page perfect, user-friendly as well as search engine friendly. Your all technical points are very informative for every webmaster who wants to be successful in online business.

  2. Landing pages are the crucial part in any online business. Also do A / B testing to increase more sales or leads.

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