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Top 5 Apps of iPhone 5

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Cell phone these days are the easiest way of communication and a must have in today’s fast and busy world. There are a wide variety of mobile phones available in the market. One of them is the  iPhone 5. Today we shall discuss about the top 5 applications in it which make it unique and tempts each one of us to buy one. The iPhone5 was developed by Apple.


It is a touch screen Smartphone. This phone is very popular because it is very sleek, light in weight and has a high resolution. The screen is 4 inches wide. This cell phone has built with an ARMv7 processor which is known as the Apple A6 and the operating system that it uses is iOS 6.

The applications of the iPhone5 are as follows:



This application is of large and high quality which is a social video application called the Vyclone. It is ideal to be used by the sports viewers, concert fans, journalists etc. This application is to a lot of use in crowded places. With the help of this feature one can record film and upload videos. Its Geo-location application makes it possible for you to connect it to the most with three other clips which are made at the same time and place. Stating the date and time when they were shot. You can also edit it manually. Further you can then share it with your friends and family through the the Twitter, Facebook or YouTube.



With the help of this feature you can make connectivity between videos and photographs, with this application the connectivity can be done easily where in usually if the photographers do this it can take a lot of hours.

Aviary Photo Editor

Aviary Photo Editor

The Aviary editing application helps you to edit your photographs of all levels. You can change the lighting, brightness with the help of the contrast tools. You can also perform the cosmetic editing like to clear blemishes, whiten teeth etc .You can also rotate, resize and zoom in and out the photographs.



This feature helps the user to pause the web. The Articles, pictures and videos that are saved in the Pocket are labeled in the thumbnail images and are saved in the mobile to view later. When you want to view it later on you do not require an internet connection for that.



With the help of this feature one can track the distance covered, power, elevation, speed, heart rate, total calories burned etc. during workouts. All this information gets recorded automatically. With the help of this feature you can make a self assessment and set goals for yourself.

The iPhone 5 is an excellent phone loaded with a multiple features. It has a 5inch screen. It is available in both black and white colors  You can use Facebook and other social networking sites on it. Buy one and be lucky.

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