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A Guide to Become Completely Google Free

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There are many reasons now to feel a tad fed up with Google, especially with Google’s new privacy policy. Still, if you’ve been a Googleaholic for long, using only Google products for your docs, calendar, email, location-based services, pictures, news and so on, it’s time to think of de-Googleaholic options. Look up alternatives for Google products.

Search Engine Alternatives

  • Microsoft Bing: Definitely more cluttered and more colorful than Google, but a good alternative.
  • Yahoo: Yahoo has expanded its services to offer you a more thorough search, news and product experience.
  • Kartoo:  A meta-search engine that allows switching from row-wise results display to columnar view.
  • DuckDuckGo: Integrates with Wolfram Alpha for quick answers and provides keyboard shortcuts to navigate results.
  • Others: Wolfram Alpha, Collecta and Mahalo.

Gmail Alternatives

  • Zoho Mail: Great storage for emails, both POP and IMAP access, allows folder labeling, allows email threading, and has offline access.
  • Yahoo Mail:  Still free, with unlimited storage, POP access, free SMS in some countries and much more. Good stuff.
  • Hotmail:  It has a great spam filter, allows conversation view, and has one-click filters and many other cool features.

Calendar Alternatives

  • Yahoo Calendar: You can certainly consider this option, though it’s not as good as Google Calendar.
  • Windows Live Calendar: Create a Live ID to get a Live Calendar account. Plus, you get to access a number of Windows Live products including email.
  • Mixin:  You can post your calendar events through SMS, email, IM or any calendar application and be reminded later.
  • Hotmail Calendar: Great Hotmail integration but no search feature
  • AOL Calendar: Good interface and great features such as 1 Calendar that allows sharing, upcoming mobile app and Facebook integration.

Picture Alternatives

  • Flickr: Yes, storage is limited and there’s an upload cap monthly but it’s still a fabulous tool.
  • Photobucket: 1 GB storage, allows archiving and sharing. It’s a gallery-type service for those looking for easy sharing.
  • Shutterfly: Google’s Picasa storage is not free but Shutterfly offers unlimited free storage.
  • Facebook: You can upload and tag unlimited pictures on Facebook.
  • SmugMug: Great customizable interface for photo viewing but low on community services
  • Dropbox: Great way to get pics in the cloud and a simple album feature.

Google Docs Alternatives

  • ZoHo Docs:  ZoHo docs offers collaborative, offline deep document editing for text, presentations docs and spreadsheets. Users enjoy superior doc compatibility, doc formatting and editing options, as compared to Google Docs.
  • EyeOS Public Server: Great docs and spreadsheet alternative, with an entire browser-based OS.
  • Microsoft’s Office Web Apps: Edit different kinds of docs; enjoy built-in Microsoft SkyDrive support plus collaborative features.

VOIP Alternatives

  • Ooma: You can explore three way calling, use a second line, and opt for call forward and other enhanced voicemail features.
  • Skype: Skype is still a byword when it comes to VOIP. Many individuals and businesses use Skype for their conferencing needs.
  • Phonebooth: You get free local phone number, free call forwarding, phonemail transcription and so on. 200 minutes on inbound calling free every month.

Web Video Alternative

  • Vimeo: None of YouTube’s crappy videos or comments here. Vimeo is technologically just as superior; it’s fully embeddable HTML5 player works great on most handhelds.

Phone Alternatives

  • Windows Phone: Brand new updated OS that promises platform-independent services.
  • iPhone: Recent versions of IOS are much better, with updated features such as the new Siri and other features.

Google Reader Alternatives

  • Netvibes Wasabi: Will link you to the Twitter accounts of the websites you add to the reader.
  • BlogBridge: Free, cross platform client that supports OPML import/export, needs JRE to run, allows users to tag and pin items.
  • NewsBlur: Good desktop client-like interface

Location Hunting Service Alternatives

  • Map24: This service by Navteq allows you to add or remove your points of interests from your maps. Downside is that the app is more UK detail oriented.
  • Bing Maps: Smooth and clean interface, better street view than Google.
  • Mapquest: Works only in the US but a great one to find what you need in specific areas
  • OpenStreetMap: Great community-driven utility; provides plugins for 3D views, directions and so on.

Google Image Search Alternative

  • PicFindr: Not a very sleek interface but allows you to query up to ten websites for free stock images.

Google Translate Alternative

  • Free-Translator: Does a good job of translating text and websites into standard languages.

Google Notebook Alternative

  • Justpaste: Paste your info and obtain an URL through which to share your notes with the world.
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