Tips for Choosing a Web Hosting Plan

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When it comes to web hosting, there are many options to choose from. This includes shared hosting, free web hosting and dedicated hosting. All these options can be used to host your content so that web users can access it and view it online. However, the different types of web hosting differ in terms of the benefits they offer and the way they are structured.

Free web hosting

A free web hosting plans is ideal for anyone who wishes to build a small website or a homepage to share information with family and friends. Though free web hosting has been widely criticized for lacking good customer support, security and features, there are several providers of free web hosting services that are reliable. It is important to remember that the purpose of free web hosting is to give you an idea of how to run a small, personal site. However, for your business to have a significant impact in the online world, it will be necessary to change to a paid hosting plan which offers you more control, reliability and security.

Shared hosting

Shared hosting refers to a hosting plan where space on a web server is shared with other users. Since the cost of the server is split between different clients, this option is very affordable, and thus very popular with small businesses and individuals. Hosting on a shared server, however, means that you are likely to be affected by the activities of the other users. A scripting error by one user can affect the entire server. If one user gets a sudden increase of visitors, your website might be slowed down. Worse still, if the server crashes, your site also goes down, and so does your business.

Dedicated hosting

Once your business grows and requires more features than those offered by shared hosting, then you might want to consider upgrading to a dedicated server. With this kind of plan, your hosting needs are catered for exclusively by an entire server. However, to succeed with this hosting plan, you need to have some knowledge of server administration. In dedicated hosting, the management tasks are handled by the service provider, thus giving you the freedom to concentrate on your business. You need to keep in mind that this plan is usually more costly than shared hosting.

How to choose the best hosting plan

Before selecting a hosting plan, you need to consider what your site requires. For small, personal sites, free hosting plans are the best while for small businesses, shared hosting is ideal. When you have bigger hosting needs, the dedicated server is the best choice. Once you know what your hosting needs are, you will be able to choose the best solution.

10 thoughts on “Tips for Choosing a Web Hosting Plan

  1. I don’t think free hosting lacks security especially in the case of Blogger.

  2. Just like you said, free web hosting is only for small and don’t so important websites, but when is for business, you have to look for webhosting company wich will provide your all needs!

    1. I agree. You can’t take any chances when it comes to business.

  3. I have hosted my blog in free host and i’m quite satisfied with its service.

  4. When it deals with free web hosting, then I usually have many doubts about it.. Because we should read carefully about the whole service, because there are cases when you will have to pay in a month or in a week, and providers don’t tell about it….

    1. I agree…it is very important to understand the terms of service before signing up.

  5. Nowadays it’s a huge range of hosting providers, and every provide has a wide range of hosting plans. So it’s rather hard to make a decision.
    Your post was very helpful, as it explains all theswings and roundabouts of every hosting plan!

  6. There is so much more to it than just the choice between free, shared and dedicated hosting. Most hosting providers will have a range of different plans at different levels of hosting, and the important thing is to find a package that provides what you currently need as well as leaving room for expansion within your plan.

  7. When you are purchasing a hosting, always check for best smtp service too.

  8. Great post!!! very helpful to choosing a best hosting a best hosting contain unlimited bandwidth and space with high security and 24 hours customer support thanks for sharing.

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