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You must have difficulties in using another operating system besides Windows, first by custom and then by finding systems similar to Windows to Linux or even Mac.

Through several news report today on the daily growth of Linux in various environments, the audience grows every year, each new version of the system is better than older or another good chance, try something new and different.

For you who have or had the same difficulty that I find similar to what you have in Windows to Linux or Mac, we have an option.

Check out some sites that allow you to search for desired system and receive information and details for your software on Linux, MacOS X, Android …


This site has a vast catalog of programs of all genres and multiple platforms, Windows, Mac, Linux, mobile platforms.

It works as a kind of social networking, the list of options face you can vote on the best alternatives, so the main use of the site is to bring visitors an alternative to basically any program.


Osalta is an abbreviation for “Open Source Alternative,” is similar to AlternativeTo, but restricted to open source software, namely, that besides the compiled, ready to use, also distribute the source code. This, depending on the license allows the program to be modified and redistributed.

what do I choose?

One option, if you have time available and adventurous spirit use a virtual machine to install and test new programs. Also, with the range available today on social networks, ask opinions on Twitter, Facebook is a great option and with people who understand the subject.

Check out the site and share your experience how it helps you?

8 thoughts on “Alternative Software To Windows

  1. I personally will only favor linux as windows alternative.

  2. Hey Isha,
    Thanks for the information.I believe for laymen,Windows is the best whereas for develops Linux is the choice to follow.

  3. Alternative to windows…. actually Lynux, Apple, Chrome anything will do since I hate Microsoft software they have tons of bugs!

  4. The Ubuntu flavour of Linux is really looking good now. I was playing around with it the other evening on a friends PC and would seriously consider switching once my current PC kicks the bucket. No more Windows for me!

  5. nice share Isha, me interested in Linux also.

  6. For me, the only alternative I can think is Linux, though I would hardly switch from Windows. Thanks for your insight on the topic. 🙂

  7. This is indeed an alternative but I hope it can stay longer.

    nice sharing

  8. Thank you for sharing a big free alternative software.

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