7 Lessons When Your Blog Succeed

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Almost all bloggers want to achieve success with their blogs, but success not only brings benefits, it also brings great responsibility and some problems, is everybody ready for success? From this post, you can go now preparing for when the big day comes,and you can avoid many problems that will certainly appear in your path to success!

Do not allow success to go head

One of the worst things a person can do is go to despise people achieve success once, and it also occurs with bloggers, many bloggers are ignoring the visitors to their blogs, they are just visitors who make a blog succeed or not.

Do not do it, is accessible, and treat your audience ever, as it is for your work! Take the time to respond to direct messages on Twitter, reply to emails you receive, etc …

You will be increasingly required!

When you’re reading a blog, you can find any error and not care so much, now meet an error in a magazine for example, will certainly find it absurd, because it is certainly something a professional journal and errors like this should not happen, so it is with blogs, after reaching a certain notoriety with the blog, is required much more than before.

So be prepared to do a job better each day, with fewer failures and high quality.

Add value to your projects

Do not limit the horizons of your blog, always try to add value to your blog, after achieving success may be time to add new writers to the blog, know someone who writes very well? With an interest in any matter that is related to the subject of your blog? How about inviting them to write reviews on your blog? I’m sure will do very well to your blog and add value to your blog.

In order to make things more fair, how about sharing their profits with other blog writers? If there is good use WordPress plugins that enable the sharing of profits adsense in proportion as you like with other blog writers.

But this may be the tip of the iceberg of another problem, people think different, work differently and have different rates. So conflicts may arise at these times, especially when your team does not produce as expected, has set waist before closing any deal, make sure that all details were correct.

You have to invest time, even after the success!

Achieve success is very relative, because even if the Internet never stops growing and will probably never stop, as saying that achieved success with the blog? Always have new horizons to explore, but perhaps we can define what a blog has achieved success after it starts to generate good money, but even after achieving that position, keep in mind that you always have to invest money in your blogs, either in new tools, advertising, etc.

Therefore always make a plan, and this includes planning data as the percentage of earnings that will be dedicated to improvements in blogs etc. Many bloggers make mistakes at this point, after they reach the success they forget that need improvement and eventually stagnate in time so besides not explore new horizons, they lose the field.

You will need a new structure!

The story is always the same, the blogger sign a hosting plan in any one company, usually paying a pittance to have unlimited resources, Mount blog using WordPress or any other platform and starts blogging, after working hard, one can good indexing in google and the amount of traffic increases, it very soon and your site is suspended! The blogger comes in contact with the hosting and finds that the site was taken down simply because they claim that the site is spending too many resources from the host. Usually they ask you to leave the host or a dedicated sign that cost 10 times more than was used to get.

It really can be about time to transfer your blog to a VPS server or a dedicated, but in order to avoid having your site off the air, you can take other steps such as:

– Use a plug-in cache, there are several plugins that do this, they create versions of your blog with static pages and make fewer demands occur at the base date of the blog reducing the expense of host processing.

– Optimize the code of your blog, there are several techniques to optimize the source code of a blog, for example, change mysql requests for static data, also decreasing the amount of requests the data-bases.

Think about making changes now go to its structure before the consequences occur.

Do not lose focus!

It is common to lose focus over time, what is your focus? Mine is keeping an area clean and organized, with plenty of content that will help people who want to create a website or blog on the Internet, always free. I will always work for my blog is exactly like that and keep my focus!

Always be you!

Once your blog to succeed, that there are plenty of companies are in order to buy opinion with respect to any product or service, are the famous paid reviews that generate so much discussion on the Internet, doing or not doing? I think you can ever make any trouble, but it is clear that what is being paid by the post is sponsored not by your opinion.

I think to write about a particular product or service, you should always write your true opinion! And just write about what you know and have ever used.

21 thoughts on “7 Lessons When Your Blog Succeed

  1. The 6th point is the most important one. Losing focus will cost you big!

  2. Yes after getting success we should be careful and do much work to get more success.

  3. I think 3rd “Add value to your projects” is the most important. Well, all are important though. I’m about to be succeed. 😀

  4. I liked all the points, but first point is much critical. I have seen many successful bloggers paying less attention towards visitors and instead focus more on monetizing their blogs…. a big mistake!!!

  5. The Game now is how to Maintain that Level of Success.

  6. Selection of a niche is also very important – The better and selective niche you have – more is the chance that you are going to get targetted traffic.
    As on my own blog I am pretty much sure about my niche which is Technology – and I think one day I will make my blog the best in that nich.

  7. I liked all the points, but first point is much critical. I will try to be success, thanks for your post 🙂

  8. I think the most important part about blogging is to keep going and be persistent even when you’ve reached your initial goals.

    Also, how would you define success? Pageviews, comments, income? There’s lots of different ways.

  9. Well, for Indian bloggers, success can’t go to head. Parents will always say…ye blogging wlogging kya hai??!! get a job and if you already have a job, you can’t leave it even if you earn twice/thrice online.

  10. Great idea, I think I should follow your lesson. Thank you.

  11. You couldn’t have done a better job on this post! It is SOOO important that people realize every point you hit on. You have to stick with it, and understand that while it may get a little easier, if you’re doing it right, you will have to spend more time and learn new things to be successful.

  12. Setting a new goal after reaching a milestone keeps you more proactive. Readers will love it, Google will love it and you go to bed satisfied with today’s work!

  13. Hi Isha,
    It is a very nice and interesting post.Thanks for sharing 7 lessons when our blog succeed and your all points are valid because most of the time bloggers make such mistakes when their blogs are succeeded.

  14. according to me this is really unisex post…
    on web i have read many post about to succeed the blog ……
    but never on this topic………
    g8 post……..

  15. Really like your post. Usefull tip. “Always be you” very importan you are the same person before and after succes. You shouldn’t forget this!

  16. Thanks Isha for this wonderful writeup.

    This is super Epic! I love your points and the way you format your message.

    Keep it up.

  17. This is a good combination of informative ideas and knowledge. this posts does helps.
    Thanks for sharing

  18. I liked all the points, but first point is much important. i have created a new blog and these points will really help me to make my blog succeed

  19. It must to include new structure after a short Gap so use can enjoy to read posts on your blogs.

  20. This post is what I cherished a lot because of the seven awesome tips shared in it. Thanks Isha for this work once again. 🙂

  21. I think everyone want to be earn online through blogs and these are the wonderful ideas to be successful blogger.

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