5 Pillars Of A Successful Blog

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The construction of a blog is not random, it is based on those elements that make the success of  blog. Before you dream of having a popular blog that will save you much money, you should know and practice. Here are 5 key pillars that should help you become a professional blogger.


• The creation of interesting and useful content should be your first task
• You can (for example) create content for beginners
• Every article you publish must be able to solve a specific problem
• You can write content on the “how” so and so
• Quality content is paramount. And if the quality, associate the “quantity”, so you can be sure to attract many more people.


• The target  is not to build a blog, you must also think about promoting it. Regardless of the product (both online and off-line) the success of a product depends not only on its quality but also its promotion.
• Define your potential readers – who are they? What are their needs?
• Identify the places where they comes from (forums – Youtube – Blogs – social networks – etc …)
• Be active on these sites, leaving constructive feedback, articles …
• Define a clear strategy. For each location, you must have a battle plan tailored to your specific needs.


You should know that people do not just come on the internet to search for information. Many people also come online to find a “membership”
• Readers want to participate, interact, associate, build together. Give them the opportunity to do so.
• Encourage them to leave comments, share your content with their friends, simply to contribute to building something.
• Also use surveys, ask questions, invite them to get to know your blog … Basically, create a real relationship with them.
• When you create a community, you build an army for your blog. You also create a social proof that will open many doors beneficial to the growth and strengthening the credibility of your blog.

Keep the business card of the contact (Capture email addresses)

Most people who visit your site and certainly will not return, even if they like your site. Invite them to subscribe to so many places:
• RSS Feeds
• Newsletter
• Forms autoresponder
Preferably, ask them to subscribe to your various contact lists. A subscription to one of your email campaigns you will:
• Generate more traffic
• Promote new products, services and affiliate program
• Build a community
You have to push people to action.

Put the heart.

I do know that many marketing professionals and many internet entrepreneurs will not always agreed with me on this, but I continue to believe that you should not think with your head but your heart.
You are not just on the internet to sell products and services, you are also and mainly there to provide solutions to various problems of your readers. Get close to them. For example, you can invite them to find you on instant messaging (Skype) to discuss with them. Believe me, people greatly appreciate this attitude. If they discover you are an expert in your field, they will have much more confidence in you.

7 thoughts on “5 Pillars Of A Successful Blog

  1. I think Promotion is another part after writing some unique content for readers.

    1. you are right madav… thanks for the comment..

  2. content and perfect promotion is must for successful blog intially after this you can concentarte on email marketing

  3. There are more in promotion strategy that I would like to add–you will have to spend time to research for keywords and do a lot of SEO work if you want to attract huge number of people. And then, one obvious thing is you should make your own product and give out to people to attract huge number of subscribers.

  4. Nice Post Isha…i think Community is also very crucial in success of a blog..if you can build up a community then no one can stop you..but then after it you just need to provide users with good content..

  5. Hey Isha,

    Thanks for the awesome article!

    I must admit I totally agree with your 5 pillars of a successful blog. You are right on on every point you made. If you follow every pillar you will have a successful blog at some point. You have to learn how to battle setbacks though, because there will be a multitude of those. Great content is s must if you want any sort of subscribers & regular traffic. It is much better to provide quality over quantity.

    I’m glad you hit the point of promotion, because many people don’t promote hard enough. You can create a awesome product, but if you don’t promote it no one will ever know about it. If it’s really a good product after you promote it some it will start to promote on it’s own, because of the quality. Quality products seem to spread around the web much faster. Last but not least, i agree with the fact that you said you believe it’s better to think with you heart before your head sometimes. Because you are dealing with real people & you should treat them how you want to be treated.

    Thanks again! Time to retweet ( :

    God bless,
    William Veasley

  6. I can only say that the most important among all those above listed points is the heart factor because moment you love your job, it does not remain work and balance everything falls in place. Lastly, you have a neat website interface with lucid style of writing and am enjoying reading every article of yours and implementing it to achieve results. Keep Going Great !

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