Five Ways to Make Your Blog Feel Special

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So, you’ve been blogging for a while. You love your blog. You can’t help it. It’s irresistible. And you want to do something special for your blog but you just don’t know what it would like the most. Jewelry? Chocolates? Getting to hold the TV remote for an evening?


Alright, relationship metaphor aside, there are clever ways to show your blog some love and it doesn’t have to break the bank. Not to mention, putting a little bit of extra effort into your darling blog beau can create some nice little benefits in the readership department.

Pay for your own web domain.

If you haven’t already taken the plunge, it may just be time for you to purchase a .com, .net, or something of the sort. If you really want to show your readers (and your blog) that you are serious and are in this relationship for the long run, tie the virtual knot and purchase a web domain.

Need help? Check out this link for information on how to convert your Blogger blog to it’s on domain on WordPress. Want to stick it out on Blogger but want your own domain? Try out this link. Not on blogger? Try these tips for WordPress users wanting to convert to their own domain.

Offer (and purchase) ad space.

We all love being showered with attention and what better way to shower your blog with attention by giving it some ad space.  Seek out the blogs you enjoy reading the most and find out if they are offering up some ad space, so you can show off your baby.

Need help? Check out this blog that hosts a regular ad space promotion so you can purchase (and promote) ad space. Don’t have ad space to offer yet? Try out Passion Fruit ads to start selling.

Professional blog design.

Or you should at least stop googling free blog designs. It doesn’t have to be a $500 professionally customized fancy pants blog design package, because there are decently priced layouts that you can find online. And when you do find one, it will give your blog that unique look you’ve been wanting. Best of all, you can finally stop having that experience online where it’s like you’ve walked into a party and that other girl with the bad skin and fat ankles is wearing the same freaking dress as you (oh, cause you know her blog is toe up).

Need help? `Check out The Blog Designer Network  where you can find designers to either build your own fancy pants design or purchase one of their premade designs.

Give the gift of promotional goodies.

You know that moment where someone’s asked to borrow a pen? You happen to have one, of course. It also happens to have your blog’s name on it. So not only do they borrow the pen, they also happen to notice the name on it (and it’s that adorable blog name you spent a good six months trying to think of). They’re so impressed by your subtle, yet creative, marketing skills that you’re hired for a marketing job with a six figure salary.

Alright, career fantasies aside, creating some basic trinkets with your blog name and description on it (with your contact info, of course) can give your blog an authentic feel like nothing else. Whether it’s notebooks, pens, t-shirts, or homemade tea cozies, put just a bit of your creative self into the marketing of your blog (not to mention how cool you would be giving a few of these to your readers) and you would be surprised how a little can go a long way.

Need help? Try out this promotional gifts site to make a few of your own unique trinkets.

Get a blog critique.

While you know you don’t like to put your baby at risk of getting made fun of, no blog is perfect. And the closer you are, the less likely you’ll see any of the flaws that may be inhibiting your blog from the success it deserves.

Swallow your pride and seek out people to give your blog a once over. Not to mention, there are even services online that will critique your blog for you and give you steps that you can take to improve your pride and joy.

Need help? There are many places that offer up services to critique your blog for you, but you don’t necessarily have to pay. Find a few close blog friends, preferably with a bit more success than you, to give you feedback. But if you are willing to cough up more than a few bucks, try this or this service.

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, it’s easy to forget about the other loves in our life. A blogger happens to love their blog (and doesn’t it show the love back?) and it’s the perfect time of year to show you really mean it.

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