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Tools to Track Your Keywords

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A few days ago, talking with a friend about SEO, he asked me how to measure our site’s ranking for each keyword that we choose to work. I think this is very important and can be a question for many people.

In fact, there are many tools out there that we can use, but the tools that I use are:

Rank Checker

If you never entered on SEOBook page, I strongly recommend you to visit. There are great tools out there and one of them is the Rank Checker


РFree Firefox add-on.

– We can export results to CSV.


– We need to manually enter all the keywords you want to follow.

– Many people are switching to Chrome, so soon I will make an article with some tools for chrome.

Traffic Travis v4

Program is very easy to use . Just install, create new project and complete the project settings, such as URL, keywords to track how often to check the rankings and check how many results you want. Then it will automatically check the ranking of each keyword that you put in the project settings.


– It’s free,

– Has a lot of other features, such as numbers of Backlinks.

– We may use a server Proxy.


– Just check the ranking of keywords manually put in the project settings.

Rank Tracker 

In my opinion, it is the best one. But like everything that is good is paid.

Using the keywords that visitors are seeking, the plugin will monitor our SERP for the keyword, compare it with a ranking and when there is a movement in our rankings for the keyword, it will send us an e-mail notification about it. It easily and automatically! After installing the plugin, Go to the administration page, select frequency of e-mail (how many times to send email notification of new or changed rankings), enter your e-mail, select which Google location you want to track, and you’re done.


– No need to manually enter the key words (this is done automatically, using the keywords used by visitors).

– E-mail notification for each new keyword or movement of the rankings.

– We can find out what keywords that our site is indexing really.


– It costs $ 27.

9 thoughts on “Tools to Track Your Keywords

  1. Great tips, Isha. I really don’t mind paying as long as the products work. For $27 and not having any cons, I’d take the Rank Tracker any day.

  2. RankTracker is totally new for me, I have never used it. And will it be able to react and take into account all the changes that occur or will occur on Google?

  3. I’m a Traffic Travis user, I like this tools because it has many features and the important thing that it’s free

  4. I’m also using Traffic Travis to check the ranking of my site, It’s a free tool plus results are also reliable. I know paid tools usually have more features but only for ranking check traffic travis is best tool.

  5. Tracking keywords is very important and finding the right tools has been driving me nuts, I don’t like to spend money unless I know it works. I will consider what you have posted here, thanks.

  6. WOW,Now i can track all important keywords for my site.Thanks for sharing Isha.

  7. This is something I will find useful. I have recently moved to my own domain and am expecting some ranking fluctuations because of it.

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