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Seven Wonders of SEO Practices

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In order to stay competitive, a business needs to put effort into search engine optimization for its website. Whether a potential customer is using a desktop computer or mobile device, the business website needs to be seen in search results in order to be successful.

Below are the basic ideas of how SEO should be implemented.

1. Unique Content – Copy and pasting content from other websites may cause problems that could damage the business reputation. Content needs to be unique and informative in order to keep the website ahead of the competition.

2. Relevant Keyword Structure – Keywords are how search engines categorize the website. The content must be relevant to the keywords, otherwise, the website could rank lower in the search engines.

3. Sitemaps – A properly constructed sitemap will have links to all of the pages on the website. A search engine will crawl every page in the sitemap and index the content accordingly.

4. Back-links – Creating back-links on other websites is an easy process if not time consuming. The more links that direct to the website, the more popular the site appears to be, according to search engine algorithms.

5. Social Media – Creating a profile on a social media website is free in most cases. As millions of visitors frequent these sites, it is a strong method of free advertising for the business to have a profile.

6. Pay-Per-Click – This form of advertising could prove to be expensive if not completed correctly. Analyzing keywords and relevancy for these PPC advertisements will help reduce the cost of campaigns.

7. Links Not Images – While images may look nice as buttons to link to pages, search engines cannot crawl them. Using ALT text in images helps, but a good rule of thumb is to include a text version of the link near the button, or remove the button entirely.

The above is only a guideline in order to enlighten those looking to improve a website’s visibility. While some may be able to handle these tasks, using a SEO company will ensure all of these points are maximized for optimum results. Regardless of which method a business owner uses, SEO practices will assuredly improve the search engine ranking of a website.

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  1. Thanks for this article. I am attempting to start up a proofreading website myself but I didn’t know how much SEO was needed. This is very helpful.

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