The Business Benefits to Podcasting

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Experts regard pod casting among the most unassuming and yet the most effective online marketing strategies. Organizations and online entrepreneurs have already jumped on to the pod casting bandwagon. Pod casting enables you to periodically share your expertise on a specific niche, with your target audience. This not only enriches your target audience but also consolidates your presence on the World Wide Web. Gaining information is easy for your target audience and it is not obligatory for them to accept information for any specific length of time.

Pod casting and its unique selling point

How is pod casting different from other powerful online mediums of information dissemination (such as blogs)? Pod casts have the potential to reach out to wider sections of people simply because they share information in the form of audio files predominantly. Many people may find it challenging to follow written content. Listening requires lesser patience and it does not assume any proficiency with the written word. Wider acceptability therefore, is where pod casts score a point over highly interactive mediums like blogs.

Business benefits of pod casting

Highlights your Expertise

Pod casting gives you an excellent opportunity to highlight your expertise on your chosen niche, online. Many pod casters are experts on specific niches and they share their expertise with select group of people. You can provide a lot of value to your target audience by sharing a series of high-quality and useful information on your chosen niche periodically. Over time, you will come to be regarded as an authority on your chosen niche.

Wider acceptability

As mentioned earlier, listening requires lesser patience and one need not necessarily be good at reading and writing. Also, one can download the pod casts on an MP3 player and listen to them while commuting — it is that easy. Ease of knowledge absorption anytime and anywhere makes pod casts widely acceptable among your target audience. This also implies that acceptability comes your way quickly because your target audience absorbs information quickly and easily.

Widens your reach

You can easily widen your target audience by listing your pod casts in some of the pod cast directories. This enables people to find your pod casts through search engines. In fact, Yahoo is creating a technology which will help people to specifically search and find pod casts.

Sell your products

As you gain more recognition from your target audience and establish a brand, it becomes easier to sell your products. People are more likely to buy products from someone they deem credible and sincere. Pod casting makes it easier and quicker for you to sell your products as you gain recognition quickly.

Sell advertisement slots

You can easily add advertisements anywhere in your pod cast — pre-roll or post-roll. You can even allow commercials in between your pod cast. You can earn a lot of revenue from commercials if you are careful with the timing and the placement of the commercials. The idea would be not to irritate or distract people who listen to pod casts.

Many experts hail pod casting as the next generation blogging. In fact, pod casts are more inclusive because it does not require pod casters to have good writing skills, unlike blogs. It can therefore be fair to expect that pod casts will encourage more people to become online entrepreneurs.

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  1. Totally agreed Pod Casting getting more popular now, many bloggers are now using pod casting in their blog. Sometimes you don’t like to read much but you likes to listen something as it requires less attention than reading.

  2. Hey Alia nice post. It is a necessary thing in field of online Business.

  3. Never thought that podcasting will give such benefits. I have seeing some podcastings shows take off and I guess they are the future.

  4. Would you consider making the a dedicated Youtube channel and post videos there. I’ve done so and exposure seems way bigger, with all the benefits that come from that.

    People can still subscribe to you there…

  5. Many business marketers are now using pod casting marketing strategy for their businesses. Pod casting will enable you to present your product or service to the audience as you want to. People better understand anything in listening rather than reading.
    Keep on sharing such an informative posts.

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