Windows 10 – Top Five features you should know

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The US based tech giant Microsoft unveiled its all new OS – Windows 10 before couple of days. With Windows 10, the company has aimed to cover all the platforms such as computers, tablets and smart phones.


Here are Top Five features of Windows 10 you should know.

Guess who’s back. “Start” Menu is back again.

Everyone wished for it and the tech giant Microsoft has fulfilled your wish of that good old days “Start” menu on Windows 10. Many of us were unimpressed by the full screen start menu which was a complete mess in Windows 8 and now Windows 10, Microsoft seems to have improved upon their mistakes.


The “Start” menu in Windows 10 is pretty similar to the one in Windows 7 with some extra enhancements. The “Start” menu now is more customizable now according to user’s needs.


From all the information we have, it seems like Windows has planned to include a complete new browser which is named (or likely to be named) as “SPARTAN”. The company is undoubtedly putting its best effort to make Windows 10 experience much better.


Moreover, Rumours have suggested that the browser will have much lightweight feel than its former “Internet Explorer”. And to make you happier, Windows may integrate Cortana Voice Assistant with “Spartan” browser in Windows 10.

Here’s Cortana Voice Assistant to help you.

Introduction of Cortana Voice Assistant in Windows 10 was very much expected. Cortana has improved much as we see it now. The good news is that the Cortana will now be able to search for documents on your desktop, contextual information plus documents in the Cloud storage as well.


Cortana will even play music for you. It will let you search and browse intelligently for your desired content on different web pages. Basically Cortana will be everywhere in Windows 10.

Game anywhere with Xbox app on Windows 10

Have you ever imagined how beautiful the life will be if one gets the access to Xbox games on their Phone, Tablets and PCs? Well, Windows 10 is here to make your gaming world more exciting.


Interestingly, Microsoft has decided to bring all the Xbox’s function to your Windows 10 phone, tablet and PC which means now you will able sit back and game almost anywhere.

FREE upgrade for existing Windows 7 and Windows 8 and 8.1 users. Really?

Windows has still got something for you. Windows gave their worldwide customers one more reason to be happy by announcing the free upgrade to Windows 10 for Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users.


Moreover there are great chances that Microsoft will never charge cash for upgrading to Windows 10 so as to diminish fragmentation and get more users on their latest OS.

Furthermore, Microsoft has even hinted that the updates on new Windows 10 will be installed automatically and quietly which means none of us would have to wait for the PC to start only after the Installation procedure gets completed.

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