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How to increase Author Rank?

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In the race of fighting around for rank, the word “rank” itself has become something very challenging in the online market. After Google Page Rank now webmasters are fighting for Author Rank.


Google has been frequently updating its searching algorithm from past couple of years and today being beneficial for content-rich websites, that is of course better for its users around the globe and  no wonder Google is performing well.

What is Author Rank?

This must not be new to you if you have an eye on Google’s updates. If you are an author or blogger who writes for web pages, you will have to link your content that you write to your Google plus author profile. This is done through many ways like by interlinking your Google plus profile page with the website you write for.

This is how Google ranks can favorable for users

Page Rank + Author Rank = Better Search Engine Visibility.

There are two options that will help Google to verify you as an author for that page:

Option1:  Link your content to your Google Plus profile using a verified email address.

Option2: Set up authorship by linking your content to your Google + profile.

If you don’t have an email of the same domain for which you write, you can choose this method.

To know how to implement these options,
please visit: https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/1408986

After getting authorship your webpage will look like this in Google Search results –


How to improve your Author Rank?

Google counts many factors in setting an author rank. The following are that factors that affect author rank:

  • Content wins here as well; so author rank is much focused on user’s writing.
  • Focus on Google +1s, how many users are liking and sharing that content on social sites especially on Google Plus.
  • Focus on increasing the circle or network as that would help you to share your content more efficiently and widely.
  • If you are ranking at position 5 and having close competition with your competitor, then once you implement the authorship, it will surely help you to improve. Once implemented, you need to work upon your content and Google plus profile by making your network stronger.
  • Selective guest posting would help you to gear up your author rank. But you must be very picky about finding out the places to post your great content.
  • Drive more traffic to your website as people will see your content and chances are pretty much that the profile gets a +1 or followed by people.
  • Use social share buttons on your blog so that user can easily share your content.

Summary: Good content is the key to improve author rank. Better the content, more the views and hence better will be the author rank. Improved author rank means better performance in search engines. So, produce real quality content and keep sharing it through your social networks like Google Plus. Strong social network will help more people to read your content and that might add to your profile value and hence your author rank will definitely elevate.

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