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10 Free Apps for iPhone and iPad

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We can’t think about an iPhone or an iPad without an applications installed in it. We can get any type of apps for iPad and iPhone. We have mentioned some of the apps for your entertainment and to decrease your work loads in an iPad and iPhone.

Here, we have collected some of the most interesting applications which are absolutely free for use.


Create your own ringtones from songs on your device. To create it, select the piece of music you want to transform into touch.

QR Reader

A great player QR Codes for your iPhone, iPod or iPad 2.

Google Translate

Get the best translation tool online on your iDevice.

Facebook Messenger

This is the best way to exchange messages with your Facebook friends. An application dedicated entirely to chat social network. Learn more.

Google +


The application of more new social network for your iOS. Worth the download!


Great camera application with various effects in real time. Select the desired effect and take the photo that is immediately saved in your album.

Dragon Dictation

Type without using the keyboard. Just say what you want and write it for you. Then just copy and paste wherever you want or use the direct integration with Facebook or Twitter.

Opera Mini

An alternative and excellent navigator that promises to speed up the navigation.

TuneIn Radio

One of the best online radio applications on the App Store. Tune to local radio or foreign divided by categories, locations or search for a specific radio, always with ease.


The application best service file synchronization multiplatform. Sync photos, videos and files from your iPhone with your computer and vice versa.

5 thoughts on “10 Free Apps for iPhone and iPad

  1. I have tried the Google Translate App when I traveled to China and it’s extremely useful, specially the “add to favorites” freature in the app.
    I read the description of the apps you gave and the two that really interested me were the Dragon Dictation app and the Dropbox app.
    trying to install them but I’m getting errors, plus I don’t know why when I search for “dragon dictation” in the app store search tab, the app doesn’t show up.

    Anyway, I’ll keep on trying and hope it works…
    Thanks for sharing the apps 😉

  2. Great article Isha! I liked a lot Dragon Dictation. I have not used it yet, but it seems a great match for my needs. I have only used once Opera Mini Web browser; the ability of controlling your computer with just your voice is exciting!

  3. I also tried the google translate tool when i travelled to italy, and its very usefull, in fact, if i had not the possibility to use the google translate app, i would have been lost hahahah… so its really great, but i noticed, not all the languages are available in google translate. Thats sad because the one i need (yougoslavish) is not available.. but i will keep my eye on it, maybe it will be available in the future!!!

    I also tried tune in radio and thats fun to!

  4. “TuneIn Radio” is certainly a must have app specially for me. I usually don’t like to access my professional data and social networking sites through iphone. BTW nice research and you have shared some great apps. 🙂

  5. Nice list, but it’s hard to make a Top 10 when you have so many apps to choose from, right? Plus you have to take into consideration people’s needs. Personally I need business apps like Dropbox and Evernote, but I wouldn’t mind using Netflix to relax from time to time 🙂

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