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Comindware Tracker is a product which offers businesses with automated solution to the workflow system. It helps the businesses in their task management by easing out few of its ways. This product is available in both the versions i.e. downloadable and Internet-based. It is significantly a workflow management solution for the businesses that actually plan out in starting that their recurrent tasks must be organized in a particular way. After using Comindware Tracker which is basically a workflow management tool which helps in processing of the tasks together in a group by automating them using few processes that finally you manage to get smooth as well as effective collaboration between you and other members of your team with maximum efficiency.


In other words, we can say that Comindware Tracker is a modern-art based product which is significantly used in the workflow management system of every business for getting better solutions. It is workflow software which is significantly one of the most dynamic Software-as-a-service is available in the market. This workflow tool helps the businesses in streamlining all the processes which are involved including office management, project management, and resource allocation, workflow automation, advanced communication, issue tracking and human resources management. It is workflow process software which helps the businesses in simplifying all the office tasks as well as makes the functionality of their business an enjoyable as well as lively experience.


Comindware Tracker Benefit, Product Strengths and Features


  • This workflow management software offer extremely as well as easily customizable functionalities which suits the basic needs of every business.
  • It does feature Graphical Workflow Builder which helps in workflow process management by designing as well as re-designing all the workflows immediately by using its in-built view drag n’ drop functionality. It even provides businesses with wide variety of different templates from which they choose the best which suits their work and can customize according to their needs.
  • It helps businesses with issue tracking which is one of the major considerations of any real-time business. The in-built advanced feature of issue tracking helps in following up with all the issues which are raised by the consultants, vendors or customers.
  • It manages to give all possible and sophisticated solutions to all the challenges of distributing and managing the diversified human resources. It features HRM interface which helps in managing all the resources regardless of their location, they all are managed in a perfect as well as fast and efficient manner.
  • It helps in allowing the structure of the project management to be capable of being scaled. Moreover, it even breakdown the projects to multiple hierarchy tasks with subtasks. No matter, what the project is all about it manages to combine similar tasks and provides easy accessible real-time and online reports with the tasks status.
  • This workflow process software features simple and sophisticated office management system which helps in easy document creation, editing, sharing as well as storing in a secure accessible manner. Furthermore, it helps in attaching the files with particular tasks as well as integrating the same with its versioning mechanism as well as instant e-mail notifications.
  • Comindware Tracker is the workflow management tool which provides the users with centralized dashboard for easy navigation to the contact points, message boards, emails and forum boards. It provides satisfactory user experience as it offers wide variety of support tools including Microsoft Outlook Mail Server, ConnectStep and ElasticData.

The Comindware Tracker is workflow management software which is all-in-one workflow tool which helps the businesses in performing multiple tasks in offices as well as offer full advantage of using online customer base with expertise skills. If you are into business and facing issues while managing the documents, then Comindware Tracker is the best workflow solution.

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